Headstands Are Awesome

Yesterday I made plans with Jessica to attend a yoga class at a studio around the corner from my house. I was excited to go to this class since it was with a different instructor and because it was a level 1 class.


Well the website said level 1/basic. It was not. The instructor, Krista immediately told me “this is a level 1-2 class”. I figured this would still be a pretty easy class. I was wrong. Within minutes I was sweating like a pig. There was a lot of flow and different transitions. We went from a side plank into rolling onto our backs and doing core work by cycling our legs. There were several other transitions I enjoyed as well. It wasn’t your typical run of the mill set, warrior 1,2, etc.

At the very end we did head stands. I have never done a headstand or even a beginning of a headstand. I have done shoulder stands, and legs up the wall pose, but was always afraid of a headstand. Krista showed us how to just get the sensation, by doing a downward facing dog, legs close to the wall. Then put your legs on the wall and lock the elbows so your torso is completely upside down and hips are at 90 degrees. I was so nervous, and figured I would do the downward dog, and just sit there. However it was almost like the instructor knew how timid I was feeling, she came over and said “you can do this”. She propped up my feet and just stood by me and said “now just breathe”. This was so liberating. Something magical happens when you do a head stand. Nothing else really seems to matter. It’s not a matter of “am I doing this” it’s a matter of “I am, and I am present, and I am strong, and I am everything”. It was such an amazing moment for me. I am going to take her class next week. And I hope we do head stands again. I plan on bringing my phone next to my mat, so I can try to get a picture of my amazing moment. It definitely rekindled my love of yoga. I have been so wishy washy about it for months now. I think I can be more dedicated moving forward.

This morning I got in 5 miles with Vin. I was expecting slow miles, but I guess with all the hip openers it really helped my time.


I don’t even know the last time I ran under 11 min/mile. Thank goodness Vin was keeping up with me.

Have you done a headstand in yoga? Any tips?



5 thoughts on “Headstands Are Awesome

  1. trikatykid says:

    I believe you need to hire a photographer to follow you around for a few days. Please do not take a photo of yourself doing a headstand. 🙂 I want to be able to read your blog the next day!

      • trikatykid says:

        I thought about hiring a photographer to take photos of me as if I were doing a triathlon.. because my banner is a collection of photos I snagged from the internet. I want photos of me. I never had senior portraits done. In fact, other than standard school photos, the last professional photography I’ve had taken of me was when I was 8 years old. So I think I have earned it.. I think it’d be fun to have a professional take some photos of me “doing my thing”. Don’t you?

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