Thanks and Getting Fitted

First off I want to just give huge thanks for all of you who commented on my calf thing. I took some of your advice, and bought myself a stick, and a foam roller. They are both awesome sauce, but especially the stick. The stick really helped with the calf thing.

Ok moving on.

I visited Road Runner today, and I made sure to go right when they opened since I wanted to get fitted. They have this process…


It starts with questions, measuring your foot, instep, and more questions about sock type, miles ran in a week, and then you run on a treadmill, and lastly they fit you for some custom insoles, oh and I think they asked for more questions. After all that was said and done I was a NEUTRAL. Yep kinda knew that already. My arches are high folks, but not that high. Well the girl who helped me was very nice and understanding, and best of all listened to me lamenting about my toe thing, then the company changing styles or same shoe every year, and my calf thing. She was a gem. I’m going to call the store later and tell her boss that she was amazing.

She first brought out these three shoes.


And here’s how they felt from left to right, Asic’s: too cushy, Saucony:good, but didn’t wow me, and Mizuno:there was extra material around the ankle that hit me weird. She brought more shoes after I wasn’t wowed.


These New Balances were the worst fitting for me. It felt like my foot was moving all over the place. And the tongue was HUGE! Then I tried on the last pair. And I figured that if they didn’t feel better than the Saucony, I would just go with Saucony.


I could tell the second I put them on, they were the ones. I was totally in love with these Brooks Ghost 5. All of these harsh feelings of, “I’m not going to find what I’m looking for, especially since I don’t even know what I’m looking for” just disappeared. It’s like this intangible feeling of you know, when you know.and I knew these were the ones! I love that feeling. And when I exchanged the Brooks for the Saucony’s they were the same price! Proof it was fate! And they had a promo going on which entitled me to a free pair of socks. DOUBLE SCORE!!


I was completely giddy on the ride home. I had planned on taking today as a rest day, but I had this second wind and wanted to take the new shoes for a run. I laced up as soon as I got home and took Klaire on a quick 3 miler. I ran with no music and went at an easy pace do I could really think about how the shoes felt. And they felt amazing! It’s like the heavens opened up and were singing the whole time I was running. There’s nothing quite like a new pair of shoes to change your perspective.

I’m going to try and squeeze in a quick 4 or 5 miler tomorrow. And I get to tag along with the hubs I pick up a boat…stay tuned.

Have you ever been fitted for a pair of running shoes? How often should a person get fitted (it had been over 2 years for me)?



5 thoughts on “Thanks and Getting Fitted

  1. magnuminsp says:

    Now that you found your shoes, you can go to Zappos and get them delivered to your home for free. Plus, a one year return policy. See how those shoes are after a few runs. I had the Brooks Adrenaline shoes and they put me on injured reserve after they felt great in the store!

    Luckily, you are a neutral runner so your selection is great as opposed to others, take for instance, me, a mild over-pronater with high arches!

    I have the foam roller and it seems to help the calves, but, I think I need one for my whole body! šŸ™‚

    Good luck!

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Ohhhh Ghosts 5… Yay! I too am a neutral and went through a similar process to be fitted. I had been a Nike wearer for the first five months of running and ended up with similar issues. When I put my feet in the Ghosts I was sold! I bought my second pair in November. Now in need to get a new pair. The running store I go to (Sierra Running Company) suggests every 300-500 miles or so. The other thing they told me was, if you’re losing weight (not in maintain mode) keep in mind you may need to change shoes sooner because your shoes take a beating as it is from running but if you start in them 20lbs heavier the support will degrade a lil faster. Hope the 5’s work for you. Can’t wait to hear how they work.

  3. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    Woohoo! Congratulations on the new shoes! I typically get fitted every couple pairs of shoes or whenever my current shoes stop working for me (or when the stupid shoe company changes them so much that they now suck and I need to try something different). Here’s to happy trail miles and happy toes and calves.

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