Calf Thing

I was rushing to get out the door for my run yesterday. I finished all my chores (dogs, lunches, breakfasts), and told asked my wonderful husband to take Señor Carlo to school. With hubs help, I made it out the door with my running gear in tow at 7:40 am. The plan was 7 miles.


I need to figure out a different route for my 7 miler since this one came up short. And something horrible happened during mile 5. My calf was on fire. I didn’t know why it was bothering me so much. I just figured I would slow down, and ride it out.

I had to be at work by 10, and I was finished with my run at 9. Which made for a rush of a breakfast and iced coffee.


I did rush to work, and got there with about 5 minutes to spare. When I finally stepped out of my car I realized that my calf was really not happy. I limped around work all day. I work in retail which requires me to be on my feet all day. With each step I was pretty annoyed with my body failing me. Why is this happening??

And when you are annoyed and have a chocolate malted crunch milkshake poster staring you in the face during your lunch, you go buy it.


And you drink the entire thing with out thinking about the calories.

It was so delicious.

And then I found out just how many calories. Why are such delicious things laden with 800 calories?? Yep, this tiny “regular” sized milkshake consisted of 800 calories. It barely covered the run I did. Damn you suggestive poster!

Since the weather is cooling off, last night I snorted some of this stuff.


Stupid congestion.

I woke up this morning feeling very bummy, congested, and sore. My calf is still really hurting. So here’s my plan. Rest today, and tomorrow. If I feel better by Saturday, drop in on the running group. (I’m riding on this). And I’m pretty sure this calf thing has to do with insanity. I think I may be doing too much, is that even a thing? I’m trying to stay positive.

Has the weather changed in your area? Is anyone else congested??

Have you tried the Chocolate Malted Crunch shake from Jack In The Box? Heaven and hell in a cup.



11 thoughts on “Calf Thing

  1. lslclr says:

    Aren’t calories so annoying?!?! It always amazes me now that I look how great things are usually great because they are half a day worth of calories!! =)

  2. roundtoravishing says:

    Calories sure are sneaky little things.
    The weather here is changing, nights are cooler, a bit more rain but muggy in the middle of the day. I can’t wait for fall to set in, but can wait FOREVER for winter.

  3. trikatykid says:

    Sorry to hear about your calf muscle. Have you ever heard of “The Stick” ?? It’s a wonderful tool. I found this eBay link which shows that there are several to choose from: You can purchase one from most good running stores. I have strained both gastroc and soleus in both legs (at the same time). It was the worst feeling in the world trying to walk. It felt like I had rocks for calves. Painful rocks. My chiropractor at the time used to do myofascial release on my calves which was painful but really helped. And he warmed me up and cooled me down with “The Stick”. I use the stick at home now when my muscles start to feel tight, built up with lactic acid.. and a couple days ago my left calf started to feel really sore and tight.. the stick helps a lot. Just use it gently – it applies more pressure than you realize. Good luck!

  4. Jennifer Stuart says:

    I agree with trikadykid that doing some type of body work or self-massage would be a really good idea. Is the weather getting colder where you are? When I worked as a massage therapist, the chilly air would definitely trigger lots of things for people- your muscles end up being a bit tighter than usual, so if you do a physically intense activity, they are more likely to strain or cramp than before because their little fibers are all tense and don’t want to stretch too far without being warmed up. Hope it feels better soon!
    I used to use an app on my iPhone to figure out calories of things and on my birthday I got a triple white chocolate mocha thing at starbucks..and wow.

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      It’s about 10-15 degrees cooler, so still pretty mild. It’s pretty much always somewhere between 60-75 degrees in northern Cali. I just jinxed myself, tomorrow it will probably be 80.

      Good point about the muscles tensing up.

  5. gabby.runs says:

    I’m bummed to hear about your calf, but sounds like you have a good plan to rest ans sort out what works for your body. 800 calories in that little thing!? I guess it was worth it … right? I mean you had already gone on a run that morning and were feeling down. Chocolate is the perect fix! We’re runner. We work hard at what we do so shouldn’t we be allowed to relax sometimes? 😉
    Hope your calf gets better and stay positive! You got this!! 🙂

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Right, right, right. Runner = splurging every once in awhile is ok. And it was soooo good. 😉 I’m sure my calf thing will go away. I’m getting the stick, and going to work it out!

  6. coachdougbowers says:

    Ouch! Knotted up calf…I know the pain. Many possibilities. You could indeed be pushing yourself too hard and too fast. It’s also a good possibility that you may be dehydrated. That will definitely cause cramping. And the caffeine, as delicious as it may be isn’t helping in that situation. I have cheat days as well…and I”m a choco-holic / cheesecake fanatic. But only on my cheat days. Water and coconut water are about the only thing I drunk while active. The stick is good – stretch – massage – hydrate – take it easy for awhile.
    You’re a tough chick…you’ll be fine.
    Oh – I’m a naysayer of all things Starbucks and the rest….but that’s just me.

    take care – keep smiling

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