Blasted Toe

Yesterday during mile 4 of my 5 mile run I began to notice an ache in my toe. It’s the same ache that basically attacked me about a year ago when I tried out a new pair of Brooks Adrenalines. I thought at first it was a sizing issue, and even after exchanging the shoes for a larger size, I couldn’t get past 7 miles with out this miserable toe ache. I then tried some Nike’s, which was the worst idea ever. I was lured in by the affordable prices and bright colors, the salespeople in a Nike store are absolutely clueless! The Nike shoes made everything worse. I couldn’t run for a week! Not a fan of Nike running shoes. Lots of trial and error later (I went back to my old asics for awhile), the heavens opened up with my Saucony progrid 4’s. I could run for miles and miles with no toe pain whatsoever. This was almost right after I bought them. I specifically remember running 2 miles for my first run, then 6 miles the next day. And after that the same week doing my long run of 9 miles that week in the 4’s. How can I get back to that moment?

I did think about a lot of options. First I went online to try and get another pair of my beloved progrid 4’s, and couldn’t find the 4’s in a size 10 at the 3 websites I checked. I guess I could do more research, but all the signs point to progrid 4 is extinct: MOVE ON. I thought about wearing the new shoes at work to break them in more, and every fiber in me just completely said no. Running shoes are meant for running. End of story. I shouldn’t have to jump through hoops for a pair of shoes that are torturing me. I think I am going to head back to Road Runner for an exchange.

Since the toe thing is here today, I enjoyed a little circuit I created with abs, and arms.


They sit in the corner of my living room mocking me most of the time. What? Everyone doesn’t have weights and an Ab Shaper in their living room? Well I totally used them this morning, and I basically did 2-3 circuits of 25 sit ups in 6 different positions. I lost count. I basically just did them until I felt my abs ache. I like that feeling. And then did some work with weights. I just worked on my arms; biceps, shoulders, then triceps. Do 12 reps on each muscle, then repeat. I also threw in 15 pushups. The whole set was about 25 minutes. And I stretched everything out.

The whole toe thing didn’t bother me physically while I was doing my circuit. However the entire time I am thinking about possible scenarios for the tormentors shoes. Thank goodness I didn’t recycle my oldies. It’s my insurance!

Never underestimate an injury, no matter how small or how long ago it has plagued you. This toe thing has to just go away and quick! I think I’m going to just run in my oldies and get in my miles for this week and on my day off (Sunday) go and get different shoes. I hate setbacks, but everything happens for a reason. Something good will come of this.

Have you ever ran in an ill-fitting pair of shoes? Did you suffer through, or try something else?



6 thoughts on “Blasted Toe

  1. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    See, this is why the shoe companies should not under any circumstances eliminate or attempt to improve on a shoe that actually WORKS. I’m so sorry to hear about your toe. Achy toes can really put you off your game-I know! I think you’re making the right call swapping them out! Here’s to healthy toes and better shoes!

  2. trikatykid says:

    “I was lured in by the affordable prices and bright colors, the salespeople in a Nike store are absolutely clueless! The Nike shoes made everything worse. I couldn’t run for a week! Not a fan of Nike running shoes.”

    I love this comment.. I feel the same way about Nike running shoes. Sad thing is, Nike was like the Father of all things running shoe. But after Bill Bowerman passed, things changed I guess. I have never been a fan of Nike running shoes. I stick to Brooks or Mizuno – Aasics are good but too wide for my skinny little feet. And I know a lot of people like Saucony. To each his own .. but I’m right there with you on Nike – mainly how clueless the sales associates are!!!!

  3. mrsalexzan says:

    I can’t wear Nike either, they are always too narrow and I had the worst shin splints of my life while they were my running shoe so I attribute shin splints to Nike. I have saucony kiravans now, and I like them alot but I did wear them to work twice to help break them in a little. I have had hot spots and blisters on my baby toes but I think that’s because of the shape of my feet and socks. I really need to invest in wool socks but I get scared to pay $14 for one pair of socks! I will have to look online for a better deal.

  4. alabrianna says:

    It makes me sad that Nike makes the cutest shoes – they don’t work for me either. Too wide for my toe box. Brooks work for me. Fortunately, the running shop I got my shoes from allows returns on used shoes within 30 days of purchase as long as they’ve only been on a treadmill – you’re confined to the indoors, but at least you get a trial run. Do any of your nearby stores offer a similar deal?

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Ya the Road Runner store has a VIP card (which you have to pay $20 for) which allows for 10% off anything in the store and a 90 day love them and wear them guarantee. And I am pretty sure they have no stipulations, like you have to run on a treadmill. I’ll double check the receipt, but when I bought them I was very clear about the fact that I was not happy about the difference in the heel. And that I was only trying them, the sales clerk said I could return them if they didn’t work out. So I guess I’m holding him to it 😉

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