Halloween Explosion

My morning started with a 5 miler with Brass, and Carlo on the bike.


Once I got home I quickly turned on the DVD player and got to steppin’!!


This is becoming one of my favorite DVD’s, except for mat work on the last set of exercises. It’s at that point where I am completely drenched in sweat, and Shaun T. is screeching “dig deeper!!” I love working out super hard, it makes the moment when you finish all that much sweeter.

Last night I finally looked at my photos from the Santa Rosa Half Marathon.



I actually like the one with the 4:30 pacer. That’s pretty rare, liking a race photo. However thoughts like “I still look fat, but not as fat as I thought I was. But I still don’t look that bad. Is that a roll? Ya, I look fat, but I’m smiling. Umm it’s not that bad. The roll is barely noticeable, until it is. ” ha! Nobody is safe from there self deprecating thoughts.

On a completely separate note, Halloween exploded in my living room/kitchen. My absolutely favorite decoration are the pictures, and I have made sure to date the backs of all of them, so I can remember how old Carlo was when it was taken. I wrap all of them in newspaper and store them in tubs, it’s like Christmas opening each one. Each time I unwrap one it takes me back to that moment when the picture was taken. I love that.



I know it’s still a little early for decorations, however I don’t care. Looking at my Halloween decorations for only 1 month is an absolute travesty. 2 months is much more satisfying. (And I know you will think I’m crazy but I’ll put out my Christmas decorations right after Halloween.) I love Halloween. It’s my very favorite holiday. I love the light hearted-ness of this holiday. And how can you not love all of the wonderful things that come with this season? The scents of hot apple cider, and the corny halloween movies, pumpkin carving, caramel apples, and CANDY CORN. Oh I can’t wait until the season is in full swing!

When do you put out your Halloween decorations?

What’s your favorite holiday/season?



11 thoughts on “Halloween Explosion

  1. alaine66 says:

    Haha… according to my mother, it is never too early to decorate for a holiday and it is acceptable to leave them out until the next holiday. It is quite a stretch from Christmas to Easter 😉 It looks good though!

  2. runninghaiku says:

    I would kill to have race photos look that good! You have to order and frame the 4:30 one. I always have five chins (one time my face was clearly bouncing like a Bassett Hound) and I’m never smiling.

    I play Christmas carols in July so Halloween decorations in September are ok.

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