Breaking In

New shoesies, that is. My original goal for today was to get 10 miles in with a running group. However I forgot we had Carlo this weekend. Carlo trumps running group. I ended up forcing getting Carlo to ride his bike (actually he rode hubs’ bike) along side me. His first trip on a adult sized bike went…uh…75% good. He fell over a dozen times.


And he ran into trees. It was a good time. Not. The great thing about Carlo is that he usually can get over stuff, like falling off his bike, pretty quick. About 3 miles in he asked me “Does bike riding give you a good butt?”

I told him “Why do you ask?” Then I asked “Who are you trying to impress??”

He just smiled and pedaled a little faster. The other night he was telling us about his friends and they included 2 girls. I’m sure the comment was geared towards the girls who are his friends. Typical. At the same time he still thinks that girls have cooties.

Slow or fast, we got in 6 miles


And they were slow…mostly because of the falling and the stopping.


I rewarded Carlo and myself with a delicious slice of banana bread post work out.


Now I have about 3 episodes of Dance Moms to watch before I go to work. I. Can’t. Look. Away. This is important stuff.

Any racing plans this weekend?

Do you ever have your kids work out with you? How does it go?



3 thoughts on “Breaking In

  1. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    Nice job incorporating Carlo into you workout and you know, any time a tween actually gets even remotely enthusiastic about doing something you are doing even if it for the benefit of cootie infested girls I have to cheer! You go, girl! The only kids I work out with have four legs. Even then, as much as I love them, I have workouts for them and workouts for me because somehow my already sloth-like pace slows down even when I running with a turbo athletic terrier that can do laps around me. Why you ask? Leashes. I HATE leashes. LOL!

    Enjoy Dance Moms! There are some super fun ones in there! Except the concert episode. I agree. The concert is boring. πŸ˜‰

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