New Shoesies!!

I am in desperate need of new running shoes. It’s been 5 months since I have worn new shoes. I did buy a new pair of trail running shoes, then focused on road running. Typical. With an average 60+ miles a month (last month was over 100) I know my old Saucony’s have had it.


I was also starting to have knee pain. The first signs of this freaked me out. The knee pain started about 2-3 weeks ago, but I didn’t want to change shoes so close to the Santa Rosa half marathon. I’m glad I stuck with my oldies, but yesterday I was so excited to head to one of the closest running stores.


I was really disappointed to find out that my progrid 4’s were extinct. My first thought was “what the hell am I going to do now!?” The sales person told me I could go to their website and purchase them online. However I wanted to walk out of the store with a pair of shoes. Then the sales person showed me the progrid 5’s.


They explained the heel is slightly lower and there was less cushioning. I don’t like change, but I was willing to give them a shot. Plus I didn’t want to go through the whole fitting process.

I also picked up a pair of insoles, and I always go with the green super feet.


At the register I made a few impulse buys. I grabbed a pack of espresso love Gu.


And I finally built up enough courage to buy the coveted “13.1” sticker. For the longest time I just felt like my time was too slow, or that I was still too fat, or that I didn’t run enough. But I have decided that I’m not going to worry about what others think, because I know I work really hard and have earned any running title or sticker etc. And after 5 half marathons, I know I have deserved it!


I also took Carlo to our favorite yogurt place.


I got a mix of this one


And this one


I tasted them first and decided to go topping-less. It was just so good by itself!


This morning I was so excited to try out my new Shoesies! Vin and I were all ready in our new gear!


I bought him that new harness, and he looked fabulous in it!

We covered 4 miles. And I don’t know how my last mile was below 9 min/mile?


I’m just playing this week by ear. Not sure if I will be squeezing in Insanity, but I know I will be doing more miles. And my plan is to attend that running group on Saturday.

Do you love or hate that shoe companies change their stuff every year?

Thoughts on running groups?

Do you have a 13.1 or 26.2 sticker on your car?



17 thoughts on “New Shoesies!!

  1. trikatykid says:

    I hate that running shoes change so frequently. I love the original Brooks Cascadia .. over the years I’ve tried to stay loyal but they are not what they once were so I no longer even try them on. I wear minimal shoes though with no extra support.. I used to wear Superfeet with my running shoes but I have different opinions now on that. Glad you got a new pair of shoes and it sounds like you had a great day! 🙂

  2. jaml905 says:

    Yes, I do have a 13.1 sticker in my car. I bought it right after I finished my first half marathon. 🙂 Hoping to get the 26.2 soon! 🙂

    Happy Running!

  3. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    I despise the fact that running shoe makers feel some sort of need to improve on a perfectly style that works perfectly for me. Damn them for being innovative and stuff. I went through my own shoe hell drama not too long ago. The new style of my old style was nowhere near as nice to me and as a result, I actually (gasp) changed brands for the first time in something horribly like 19 years. I love my new shoes and if Brooks changes them, I might have to march into the head quarters and give them a piece of my mind. Perhaps I will just hoard this year’s model instead? 😉

    I love my running group but not all groups are created equal or are right for everyone. I always feel the love from my group despite my slower pace. When I voiced interest in doing some sort of crazy thing like the Trifecta, the group were the first to say, “Heck yeah! It’s going to be great!” I often cross paths with another group where “my kind” (that is the fat runner chick with a propensity for distance over pace) is obviously not welcome. They don’t look like they are even having fun in their tight little pack with a coach (or dictator, whatever) barking orders. Not my scene but it works for them so good for them.

    And I do have stickers on my car. I ran it. I earned it. Besides, what do they call the doctor with the lowest GPA? Doctor. What do you call the fat chick who just ran 13.1 miles in 2:40? Runner. I can hardly wait to put the running club 26.2 or 50 on the truck. Just sayin’. 😉

  4. The Landy says:

    I run (if we can it that!) in Salomon XPro trail running shoes, and find they don’t change much at all, but you are right, most seem to change from year to year…

  5. Two Moms says:

    I hate changing up shoes. Why do they have to mess with us this way? As far as the 13.1 sticker – You ran it! You EARNED it! End of story. Way to go! I cant wait until I can put one on my car. Right now I have one that says “I know I run like a girl, try to keep up” LOL Great job. You inspire me to keep running.

  6. Tara B. says:

    I am still a newbie with running, and I’m still on my first pair of good running shoes. I absolutely love them, and I imagine when it’s time for new ones I would be heartbroken if they don’t have the same ones. I don’t know how I ever lasted my first few weeks running, while still wearing my old shoes for crews work sneakers! LOL..

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I was in that same boat when I first started running. I had a pair of tenni’s that I just wore casually, and I figured it wouldn’t matter if I ran in them. It only took me about 3 weeks with a serious running buddy to figure out I needed something better. Enjoy them while they last!

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