Which one is better?

All right I have a few things that I am curious about on what you think, which is better?

First up Wednesday vs. Thursday work outs!



I decided to switch some things around on the Insanity schedule. I would have had to do this video on a 6 miler day. Ew. Wednesday was my solo Insanity work out day. Therefore I could do the hellish, torturous, very sweaty pure cardio work out. I gave 110% effort, and felt awesome after.





My legs were so toast after doing the Insanity work out first. I actually had 4 miles on the schedule, but I could only manage 2. Arg. And 2 really, really slow ones. I felt like crap after

Which one was better?

Next up, Carlo had a poster project that was due Friday (today). We found out about it on Wednesday. Hubs said I had to help him with it. I work until 10 every night, how am I supposed to help him? So I explained how I thought it should be, according to the directions. (directions he had access to, but needed me to verbalize what I thought) That way hubs could have Carlo do it on his own. Some basic requirements were:
-block lettering
-1 inch border
-pride must be on poster
-definition of each letter
-picture of definition
-lots of color
-no white on poster

This is what I found this morning.


Well he got the border (sorta), and the word “Pride”. Sigh.

I rushed and helped Carlo get the back of the poster done to the requirements.


Which one is better?

Last up, some fun Memes!

Why do you work out?




Which one is better?

I pick the first one.

Happy Friday!



2 thoughts on “Which one is better?

  1. yourtruthdiet says:

    That Insanity workout, plus 4 miles is brutal. You are superwoman in my eyes. At least you attempted it. I’m going to start Insanity in a month. I can’t wait. HEALTHY JOURNEY!!!

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