Weekly Recap 8/12-8/18

This was hell week for me. I had so much going on with school starting, hubs being in Florida for work until Thursday, working, and you know life. It really motivates me to get more done next week!

Sunday-rest day
Monday-run 4, insanity power 45 minutes
Tuesday-unscheduled day off
Wednesday-unscheduled day off
Thursday-yoga 75 minutes
Friday-run 4
Saturday-run 12

Total miles-20
Total cross training-120 minutes

I’m disappointed in missing 2 whole days of working out, but it’s not the end of the world. It just makes me thankful and really appreciate the time I have on days where I can work out.

Goals next week:
-Keep up the running schedule (mon-4, tue-6, thur-4)
-Take Friday and Saturday off.
-And do Insanity Moday-Thursday.

That’s the game plan. Boom.

What’s your game plan next week?

Did you race this weekend?



5 thoughts on “Weekly Recap 8/12-8/18

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    My game plan…
    Add back in cross training since I stopped swimming at the end of July. Will be doing Wii Zumba again (my favorite) 🙂 Planning on at least an hour for my rest days Mo, Th & Sa and 30-45 mins. On run days.
    Sticking with running Tu, We, Fr = 4-miles and Su 6-miles

    Side note: your recap inspired me to do my own recap. Thank you 🙂

  2. cathyo says:

    I hear you on life getting in the way. I need a couple of extra hours in each day and I might have a chance at getting everything I want or at least need to do done! Good luck with this week’s plan.

  3. Laura says:

    Fricking summer, so, so, so busy! I’ve been behind on my runs/workouts too as the kiddos have ONE MORE WEEK until school starts and my gym does not have a babysitter/kids club thing. Missed my spin class this morning as hubby demanded to sleep in and now I’m on kid duty… just 7 more days… ugh…

  4. 40somethingmomof2 says:

    No races for me, just a 6 mile run in my training. It felt really hard since I was by myself. This is going to be a tough week for me with little time to train. 😦

  5. elisariva says:

    Great attitude! All too often people beat themselves up over what that didn’t do. That won’t change a thing. Be grateful for what you did, who you are able to do and move on!

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