Klaire’s Pace

There’s something really exciting about Monday’s. For me it’s like a blank slate. Sunday is my rest day, so Monday is day 1 for the week. I love that fresh feeling that comes with day 1. It’s like a blank slate. Who cares about last week? (unless it was an awesome week)

I’m still trying out new scheduling things. And this morning I decided to start my work out AFTER I dropped Carlo off at school. I didn’t even finish until after 10. I didn’t like finishing my work out that late. Oh well, tomorrow is another day, and I need to focus on just getting it done any way I can.

First up 4 miles with my Klaire. And I chose Klaire to run with me today mainly because I wanted to just take it a little easy today. Klaire is really good at going 100 mph for about 2 minutes before she poops out. Then it’s about stopping every 20 steps to pee. I had to keep reminding myself I was doing this on purpose.

After 2 miles I thought she wouldn’t be able to make it. But she kept trudging along behind me. I didn’t think wind really affected dogs, but she slowed down when the wind switched directions. And she even found her second wind at mile 3.5.


And here’s Klaire’s pace up close and personal.


After the 4 miles I had this DVD all ready to go!


And I decided to add a couple extra glasses of water, so I didn’t have to keep refilling my water during insanity.


Even with that much water, I ran out. I swear I’m sweating more and more with each work out. The neighbors probably think I’m nuts with all the grunting and yelling. Don’t really care. I love that feeling of doing plank work and sweating so much that it’s dripping all over the mat, and you wipe it away, and more sweat drops.

I hate the basketball drills. You squat down to pick up an imaginary basketball, then jump up like you’re about to land the shot. Over and over and over again. Is it 30 seconds yet? I have only been doing this for 11 seconds?? Then Shaun says “dig deeper” and that’s when the grunting and yelling started. You feel that burn in your thighs, and you know you’re doing something right. I just kept thinking “I can’t wait until I start seeing a difference in my running”. I know I will. In about 2-3 weeks. I think that’s the turning point for P90X, so I’ll go with that.

Once all the massive amounts of sweating was done I tried my hand at banana bread. I had all the ingredients, so why not?


It turned out ok. I probably need different pans or something. The recipe called for an hour of baking, and it was done around 43 minutes. I pulled it out at 45, so it’s on the “well done” side.


Eh, at least I tried. And like I said, it’s ok. So it’s not all bad.

Do you ever run with your dog to slow down or speed up?

Do you ever over cook things in the oven, and blame it on the oven?



4 thoughts on “Klaire’s Pace

  1. lslclr says:

    Your dog must be a super runner! My 60 lb mix keeps my pace around 14:00 the entire time with his stopping =) and he also tries to quit on me after a mile and a half!!

  2. coachdougbowers says:

    I don’t need a dog to slow me down…I can do that alll by myself! One might come in handy to speed up though. The cooking thing? I blame it solely on me cause I’m a terrible cook – that’s why I eat mainly raw…good plan eh?
    I too like Mondays – it seems like a fresh start for some reason.
    P90X – give it time – follow it through and you will indeed notice some drastic improvements. The problem is most people quit…but I don’t think that’s you…I’ll be watching!
    Good luck, enjoy the banana bread…burpees to the end!

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