Machines will eventually rule the world…

Well they actually do already. But after my day at work I believe that they will be the death of us all.

But first! I got in 12 legit miles.


I don’t know why, but I thought I was going much faster than I was. Must have been on a downhill part or something.

And post run, I made a delicious egg sandwich.


And I snuggled up with these guys on the couch.


12 miles. Check! Before I knew it, it was time for work!

Oh the horror!

I walked into a complete disaster. The registers were unable to scan any barcodes for inventory purposes.

The company’s solution for this catastrophe: everyone is a personal shopper!

Which meant we followed customers around like puppies, wrote down every single thing they wanted to purchase by hand. BY HAND!! It was torture. It was made funnier when customers thought that we were being paranoid and suspecting them of theft. Oh geez. So fun. This went on for 6 hours. 6 hours of following people around non-stop on a Saturday. A SATURDAY!! This happened on the worst day ever. And once the registers were all back. We high fived each other and hugged and kissed the computers. And we apologized for not believing in them because we will fully obey anything they say from here on out.

Then after all the madness, at the very end of the night I was trying to click on the “end of day”, and it (“it being the master and commander of the universe) would not let me. It said that a process wasn’t running. What process!? The other employee sharing in my torture was saying he didn’t believe that computers ruled the world. I just laughed and said “Uuuum, well because this computer is telling us we can’t leave, WE CAN’T LEAVE!!”

And that is why I believe the computers will eventually all shut off. And when that happens, the world will cease to exist. It’s been nice knowing you!

Do you think computers rule the world?

Have you had any completely tragic work days?



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