Letting Go

I have had such a whirlwind week. Hubs has been in Florida since Sunday for work. And this week was the week school decided to start. (ok so I knew about the whole school starting thing for a few weeks, but still it seemed like summer just started!) I literally was so behind on the whole “being prepared” for Carlo’s sake. He’s starting 7th grade this week. The day of orientation (Tuesday) was when I finally bought some school supplies. Between cleaning out his drawers, going to orientation, getting normal errands done, and taking care of 5 dogs by myself, the work outs just didn’t happen. Why did I put “do Insanity 4 times” this week as my goal??

I was feeling pretty crappy yesterday (Wednesday) from not working out on Tuesday. However the day was equally as hectic. I was lucky to switch my schedule to be able to pick up Carlo. However I made it to his after school program with 1 minute to spare. And for those of you who don’t know, the school charges $1 per minute that you’re late. Just a little stressful!

Then I had a moment after I got home and began doing all the “necessary” chores, and before I knew it, it was 8pm and I hadn’t started dinner.

I’m really not good with this whole “hubs not being here” thing. I have to give mad props to any single parents out there. It’s not easy!

Now onto why the post is called “letting go”. I was really holding onto a lot of stress from not getting my work outs done. I was irritable, and really needed to find the time today! Today is the day, time for some serious sweat session! The plan was to take a vinyasa flow yoga class with Jessica. As soon as I got to the class, the instructor informed me that the class had changed a few weeks back to a “yin yoga” class. Yin yoga is all about deep stretching. Holding poses for 3+ minutes. My gut reaction was a thought, “dammit”. However I decided to really embrace the class, look on the bright side. This made me think “everything happens for a reason”.

During class the instructor kept saying “just let it go”. Or “let go”. I felt like she was speaking to me. I came into the class angry. And I decided there and then to leave the class happy. And then I had a moment, where I was able to cross my legs and wrap my toes around my calf for a very deep stretch. I felt this moment of pride beaming from me when it happened. It just felt amazing. It’s been a long time since I have had a breakthrough with yoga. And classes like this really make you stop, focus, and just “let go”. I know it was exactly what I needed in that moment.

I am a control freak, I need to have a hand in every pot, and of course, be perfect at all times. This week has really shown me that sometimes when life and time gets out of your control, you just have to let go. Someone or something will always be there to catch you, just embrace the feeling.

Have you had any “letting go” moments?

Did your schools start this week?



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