Why I’m the Worst Cook Ever…

I really hate trying to cook. But before I get to my kitchen accomplishments, I ran 4 miles.


I ran them with this guy


Before, during, and after this run I was thinking I wasn’t going to do the insanity work out. Then I noticed Carlo was still asleep! He is such a tween. So I forced him to do the warm up with me. There is just something about this lazy human being, you know, being really unnecessarily lazy. It drives me crazy.

And this video was on the docket.


He did 2 reps of the 5 sets of the warm up. And you know what? It’s way more fun to work out by myself. He wasn’t putting any effort in until I threatened to take away his video games. And once I got the warm up done, the rest of the work out seemed to just be done pretty quick.

In the end I am so glad I did everything on my agenda. What’s the new saying? “You never regret a work out.”

It’s so true.

Now onto the 2 ingredient pancake recipe from run eat repeat here are the ingredients you need


1 egg
1 packet of oatmeal

Mix together and place in fridge overnight or for at least 30 minutes. (I mixed it together before my run)

Then spray pan with cooking spray and cook well on both sides.

Here’s my version of cooking “well”


I had my stovetop set at 7, and I should have set it at 5, or medium heat. I topped it with peanut butter and called it a day. It was delicious anyways.

I think the funny thing about my cooking is that I keep trying. I sometimes think I have a little bit of “Martha Stewart” in me. But it almost never comes out how I would like it to. For the longest time I blamed my very old oven, but for the past 2 years I have had a new oven and my cooking hasn’t really changed. I burn almost everything, and what I don’t burn I season badly or do something horribly wrong. I should take a class or something.

Have you tried any “easy” recipes lately?

Do you ever force/encourage your kids to work out with you? Does it go over well?



5 thoughts on “Why I’m the Worst Cook Ever…

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Easy recipe today… Put chicken breasts in my slow cooker with two cans of cream of chicken and mushroom fat free Campbell’s soup with on can (used one of the coup cans) of milk (I use skim) stir it so soup and milk blend. Set to however long you want it to cook. Since I did this at noon and we eat at six I set it for six hours. We will have steam in the bag (microwaveable) veggies and steamed white rice. Easy peasy! My kitchen stays cool (and fairly clean), little to know effort (prep time maybe 15 minutes total?) and it’s all simple ingredients!

    As for the kid workout. When swimming was going on my son had morning practice and evening practice. I worked out during his morning practice. It’s been over about three weeks now so he’s been in lazy mode and I’ve been bad about pushing him to move. However he starts waterpolo soon so that will change.

  2. grapesgripesandgratitude says:

    Cracking up. Yes I’ve forced my kids but sometimes I get more frustrated than not. I love to cook so can’t help you there 🙂

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