Weekly Recap 8/5-8/11

This was a tough week. I went into it with intentions of running 4 days, with also following the Insanity schedule. I did miss 2 work outs, but I really did push on every single work out. I think that makes a huge difference. If you can push through the work outs where you can, and rest when you feel you need to, then you can make gains. My overall goal is to run faster on my long runs. However I still am not going out super fast. I do have an upcoming half marathon, but my goal for the half marathon is to push it on race day, and take it easy with training.


Monday-4 miles, Cardio Recovery 45 minutes

Tuesday-6 miles

Wednesday-Pure Cardio (hardest work out ever!) 40 minutes

Thursday-4 miles, Plyo Cardio Circuit 45 minutes

Friday-unscheduled day off, had a pinch in my throat.

Saturday-11 miles

Total Miles-25 miles

Total cross training-130 minutes

Goals for next week: Complete 4 Insanity work outs

Today is a scheduled rest day, and I had some plans to meet Miss Jessica


She ran the Davis Moonlight Run with me, and took some time off before amping up her training for the upcoming Nike Women’s Marathon in October. She is running the half marathon, and I am super jealous! I know she will do great!

We met at Starbucks and ate a spinach and feta wrap before setting out for a walk.


We walked for over an hour, probably covered well over 3 miles. It started getting hot towards the end of our walk, which means we timed it perfect. We also made plans for some yoga on Thursday!

I’m holding you to it, Jessica!

Since I have somewhat of a mini vacay, I also planned to meet another friend in Davis. Miss Shannon is one of my oldest dearest friends! She completed the San Diego half marathon in June, and has plans to complete another one next year!


We met here for some burgers and brew


I chose the beer on the left. Ya the hand written one.


It was delicious!


The burgers were good, I got the avocado burger.


And right next door was a fabulous yogurt shop.


I like fruity yogurts, so I went with this guy


I piled my yogurt with fruit, it was so good!


And after all that deliciousness we saw that this place was also next door!


I picked up a chocolate cupcake for Carlo….


And a passion fruit one for myself! Haha!

It was such a great time seeing Shannon! We meet about once every 6 months or so, to catch up on life. It’s hard to believe that we have been friends for nearly 15 years!

Once I got home I finally got to watch the Men’s Marathon. And all I have to say is, woot Meb! Sure he came in 4th, but he did have an awesome marathon. He really represented the USA well! Woot!

Did you watch the Men’s Marathon? Thoughts?

What’s your favorite frozen yogurt flavor?



2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap 8/5-8/11

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      It was good! It was the first time trying that, and I forgot to say how much I enjoyed it. Although I am partial to the yolk of an egg. However I did enjoy that bitterness of the spinach and feta. Yum!

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