One way or another

Last night I was inspired by Liz over at Run, Fat Chick! RUN!, to eat pasta. Oh the thought of pasta makes me so happy. And what goes great with pasta? Wine of course!


Liz was in a pasta coma. And I guess my mission was the same, because I ate 2 bowls of the fantastical pasta. And I wanted more, but I stopped myself. I was watching the beach volley ball tournament and was growing green with envy for the legs of those players. What are their work outs like? I want to run around in bikini bottoms and feel amahzing. If I want legs like theirs, I had to put down the fork. You know, after I had already devoured 2 bowls of it. ::cringe slightly::

I woke up late this morning, like really late. 8 am and I was still in bed. Ya the dogs were barking, but I had slept so horribly because of the heat, I just didn’t even hear them. When I finally rolled out of bed, I felt like not exercising. I had some really good excuses for myself.

* I have worked out every day this week, I need an extra rest day

* my knee was a little sore during work yesterday, and I think I need a day off

* I’ll totally keep my calories under control today, to make up for the missed work out.

Ok now that I have told myself why I shouldn’t work out, I proceed to eat the omelette my wonderful husband made for me.


Then we both noticed something about the coffee, which turned sweet hubby hubs into not so sweet hubby hubs. And then we yelled at each other and fought, and got over it quickly. Who stays mad about coffee? Not us! We just like to fight about it. Anyways. After that moment I desperately needed to get out of the house. Stat. I was literally running up the stairs to get ready for my run. Wow that was easy! All of those excuses went right out the window when I needed to escape!

And guess what? I ran it faster than I have ran those 4 miles in awhile.


And I think I even ran one under or just at 10 min/mile!


Then I turned on the DVD player and started Insanity.


The Ab part was the WORST. I have already done this video, so I was dreading it the entire time. Basically it’s 4 moves, one is a basketball drill where you squat and then jump, then the next is level 1. This is where you put your hands on the floor, jump back, do 4 push ups, and 8 count of running while in plank, then jump up and stand up. Do that for 30 seconds, then ski abs, where you are in plank and just jumping to the side back and forth, and then in and outs. This is where you jump in and out while in plank. I should have taken pics. Bottom line, it sucked. And it’s done.

Wow amazing what you can do when you’re angry at the hubs. Oh and he bought me some tacos (to apologize in guessing, but he didn’t say anything)


And on a unrelated note, I found this pic of my boyfriend under “health and fitness” on pinterest. Not sure what it has to do with health or fitness, but it sure is nice to drool over look at. Yum


You’re welcome.

So what food puts you in a coma?

And does fighting make you wanna go for a run/work out?



4 thoughts on “One way or another

  1. grapesgripesandgratitude says:

    Nothing better than pasta and wine. Or steak and wine. Or chicken and wine. Or seafood and wine. Or..just wine. 🙂

  2. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    Oh the pasta coma. It is so lovely and so wonderful. I have pasta again for lunch today. You would almost think I have been carb loading all week for an insane Friday work day followed by two unusually long days of flyball with the dogs this weekend. 😉 I just wish I had a glass of wine to go with my pasta. Perhaps Saturday night?

    Fighting, frustration and stupid people often inspire very nice runs and work outs. It takes the edge right off. In fact, a lot of my running is done to simply mellow me out and keep sanity.

    Speaking of my sanity, however…You guys are really getting me all amped up to give Insantiy a try. I even spent a half hour watching the damned infomercial last night. Last summer/fall I trained with a group of women who did a similar type of work out and I absolutely loved it. My problem was making it fit into my schedule. With DVD’s there is no choice, right? RIGHT? So you love it despite the pain, right???

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      Ya I’m kinda falling in love with it. The sweat is non-stop! Keep a rag close by for all the sweating! Oh and Shaun T. is pretty nice to look at too 😉 Plus I like all of his motivational yelling. DIG DEEPER! When I think I’m totally done and there’s like 9 seconds left, I always surprise myself to bust out 1 or 2 more with Shaun T.

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