Pure Cardio = Pure Hell

Yesterday I decided to move the “Pure Cardio” to today. After doing this video,


I am so happy and relieved that I moved it to today.

I was completely dead. It’s only 40 minutes, 40 minutes of hell! It starts out like a normal Insanity work out. 9 minutes of a warm up, 6 minute stretch, then it went all insane on me. Normally there are sets of moves that you do 3 times and get a rest in between. The set usually lasts 3 minutes, and it’s tolerable. Pure Cardio has no breaks. It is 15 one minute moves. Are you doing the math? That’s 15 whole non stop insane minutes! I went in and out about 3 times towards the end. Especially the push up jacks (I think that’s what they are called). Torture, pure torture. I’m exhausted. And so relieved that it’s done.

After the hellacious work out, I wanted an egg sandwich! STAT!


While I was enjoying my sandwich and watching a show that makes me thankful for what I have,


Hubs texted me a pic of their fishing adventures from this morning.


He was fishing in Rio Vista, I don’t think either one is big enough to keep. Boo.

What’s the work out that you absolutely dread or hate?

Do you watch Hoarding: Buried Alive?



5 thoughts on “Pure Cardio = Pure Hell

  1. runninghaiku says:

    I just finished my Insanity workout. I’m on the recovery week. I heard the second month makes the first month seem like a walk in the park. I’m afraid!

  2. Storybook says:

    Hording Buried Alive!? Ahhhhhhh! I love/hate that show. So glad I’ve got room for crazy insane cardio though! Count your blessings… 🙂

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