Manic Monday

Today’s agenda includes:

4 miles
Max Recovery

Hubs asked if I could get up at my usual 6:45 and make coffee. He reassured me that he would take care of the dogs (since I didn’t get home from work until after 2am). BS. If I’m up and making coffee, then i am taking care of the dogs. Now that I’m up, And the dogs are taken care of, I geared up for my run. Who needs 8 hours of sleep when you have a full work out agenda ahead of you?

My miles ticked along pretty fast this morning. The last mile didn’t calculate correctly. You can see it on the map, because there is no road where the yellow line is.


More importantly all my miles (except for the last miscalculated one) were under 11 min/mile. That’s more like it! I feel like I’m back!


When I got home I immediately changed my shoes, took a gulp of the water I had ready for myself, and turned on the TV. I already moved the living room table and turned on the DVD player and had the max recovery ready to go. I find when I am set up for my second work out, I’m less likely to skip it.


I don’t like to look ahead at work outs, I like to focus on one day at a time. So when I saw the word “recovery” in today’s work out I was pretty excited! The work out included lots of squats, lunges, core moves, and yoga/ballet moves. It went slow, but was still difficult. Holding a squat for a full minute after doing 16 very slow squats, then 16 pulsing squats right after holding the squat, then holding for another 5 seconds. Ya I pretty much was able to do about half, and then came in and out of it. Something to work towards.

After my second work out, I made myself some oatmeal. Complete with almond milk and Greek yogurt.


And I was super excited to watch BB14 once all was said and done.


And after BB14, I have to head to the dentist to get my permanent crown. Blarg. Then head to work after that! A thought just crossed my mind, if I have my dentist appointment at 11, and work at 1, and I’ll have to wait a bit to eat after the dentist. I won’t get to eat again until 3pm at my first break. Grr. Gonna be a long day.

Have you been the the dentist lately? All good news I hope 😉

Do you get excited about “recovery” work outs?



One thought on “Manic Monday

  1. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    Another brilliant work out, and how you did it on that little sleep without snapping someone’s head off is totally beyond me. 😉 I always get excited about recovery workouts because it means I have worked hard enough to need a little recovery. I hope you get some rest tonight!!!

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