This has been such a weird week for me. I decided to take Wednesday (and this was after I had already taken off Sunday) off completely. The plan was to work out 6 days, and double up on run days (except LR). I’m one of those people who dwell. I think about things way too much. Work outs are definitely one of those things. I know, “it happened, move on”. It did and I’m still dwelling. It’s like my brain has to “go through the motions” before I can let go. Which usually means I’ll be done dwelling on Monday.

Thursday I busted out 4 miles.


And I learned something new about the Nike+ app.


I can see my mile by mile breakdown when I turn my phone to the side. Awesome sauce, right?? I just happened to have it turned and saw a new screen, and I got all excited. I’m so not tech savvy. In fact I have never synched my Nike+ app to the online version. I am sure it’s “super easy”. I guess I’m just stubborn and lazy.

My run was surprisingly awesome. I woke up, and my first feeling was “I don’t want to work out today”. Followed by a “waaaaa”. Then I decided to just get going, do my chores (coffee, lunches, dogs). And you know after you are awake and have guilt tripped yourself all morning with thoughts like, “you are going to feel like crap if you don’t run”. And “don’t be lazy!! You’re gonna get fat again!”. And then trying to be charming with “just try to get one mile in, one is better than none”. Bad cop, then good cop usually works for me.

And you can see I got one mile done in under 11 minutes. Which I was pretty excited about. Ya I can probably run faster, but I am happy about that time for that day.

The original plan was to double up on Thursday, but I started my run late. Which meant I only had time for the run, shower, and then I had to head to work.

And today was all about the sweat!


I really liked this video, and I’m feeling I’m getting into a groove. There were a few 1 minute resistance work outs that we’re challenging and different. They mostly focused on arms and shoulders with floor work. And 1 minute in the Insanity world is a loooooong time! I remember looking at the clock when it hit 12 minutes, and thinking “omg 12 more torture minutes of this!!!!!”

After the sweat session, I ate one of these


While I watched this


BB14 spoiler: coaches are in the game!!! I’m excited! And rooting for Janelle!

Do you ever wake up and have to give yourself a pep talk to work out?

Are you watching BB14??



6 thoughts on “Dwelling

  1. trikatykid says:

    I went through the same thing a couple days ago. Something in my body is really off. I don’t feel good. Thankfully I was able to sleep till 9 today. My body really needed it. And I still feel off. I will be swimming today and I plan to take it easy. But not skip!

  2. Jennifer Stuart says:

    I just started running on the treadmill two days ago for the first time in years. The summers here are too hot to run with my dog outside, I’m finding. At least for now. So, I go to the little gym thing at my apartment complex and watch tv while I run. I was doing about 3 a day for the past..two days. I plan to keep it up after a small break today because the fronts of my legs are going to fall off!! I may need a self-pep talk tomorrow šŸ™‚

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