August already??

Can you believe it’s August already? 8 months have passed and I still need to lose 2 pounds to reach that almighty 100 lbs lost mark. I started the year needing to lose about 12 pounds, so I guess it’s just been a very, VERY slow process.

In more exciting Olympic news, Michael Phelps has brought home the record for most medals won at an Olympics. 19 medals over 3 Olympics.


I am proud that he achieved this goal for the USA. Woot Phelps!

And in the spirit of the Olympics and stepping up my work outs, I officially got in my first work out for Insanity. But before I did that I ran 6 miles. And they were slow. Like all slower than 11 min/mile. I’m hoping insanity will help me get faster.

I did this work out yesterday


The one thing I remember thinking is that, “I don’t remember the last time I sweat that much.” I’m talking sweat so much in my face, that I couldn’t see and every time I breathed out, sweat was rolling off of my lips. Gross, right? Ya I was pretty much so excited about all the sweat I was just like, “heck yes!”

I’m weird.

I was expecting lots of muscle soreness, but the only muscle that was super sore was my back, and that was right after the work out. I also have some female stuff going on, so it might not even be related to the work out.

Being a girl is so much fun.

Have you reached any goals you have set for yourself this year or last month?

Have you been watching the Olympics?

Or done any hard work outs that made you sweat like a pig?



8 thoughts on “August already??

  1. tootallfritz says:

    Been watching the olympics and my back is the firts to “feel” the pain too. I was sore from yesterday’s run with the jogging stroller. I know I need to get stronger in the core ASAP!

  2. Two Moms says:

    I have been glued to the Olympics. I have even been doing the elliptical in front of the TV so I dont miss anything. I have hit so many goals this year already but I have more to go. Officially I have 8 more pounds to go. I also sweat like a pig whenever I do anything these days. I take that as a good sign and that my body is healthier and more hydrated to be able to sweat it out. How do you like insanity? I was thinking of trying it but I think I am too much of a woose. 🙂

  3. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    I set a goal of beating last July’s 38 miles run… I ran 45-miles as of yesterday for July 2012. Since we don’t have cable/satellite watching the Olympics haven’t been as enjoyable as years past. Having to avoid the Internet and FB all day stinks so as to avoid spoilers. Though we’ve been able to watch mens water polo when it’s played (my son’s newest sport love 2nd to swimming). I’m dying to get to a point where either someone wants to give me their unused Insanity DVDs or I finally can afford to get them. I so want to sweat like that lol. I too would like an additional workout to my running. Congrats on your 98 lbs! I just hit 20 lbs down. It’s the 20 I had gained back of the 55 I had lost last year :/ So now it’s on to the last 30.

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