Olympics, wine, and work

First off, all hail the Olympics!


I will forgive you, slum dog millionaire guy, for completely confusing and disappointing me during the ceremonies. It was definitely the weirdest opening to an Olympics that I have seen.

And Saturday was an awesome and tragic day. Awesome because the hubs served me breakfast in bed, washed my car, did all my dog chores, AND let me pick what we were going to do for the day.

He’s the best!


It was tragic, since it was the last day of my vacay. But I really made the most of it. We headed to a local wine co op that does FREE wine tastings. I was shocked it was 10 minutes from the house. Oh and did I mention, it was free?


We tasted this many…


Some were really bad. And others were delicious, and we bought bottles of the delicious ones. We finished wine tasting just about the time a local winery was having their weekly pizza/music/tasting party. It was an event we hadn’t attended, but it sounded fun! Basically you pay 7$ and get to taste every wine plus get a full glass of your favorite. They also had brick oven pizzas baking while we tasted. Here’s the catch. The wine was awful! And the pizza was tiny.


There weren’t rules about the pizza, but we felt that it would be rude to take more than one slice at a time. And after we each had gotten 2 slices and were major hungry pants we decided to leave. Plus it was an older (like 60+) crowd and we felt really out of place. We found ourselves with this set up about 15 minutes later.


Heaven in a box, if you ask me. Then after dreaming about the legs of these ladies.


I realized I had only one option after that.


Mine is the hot fudge ice cream sundae. Yes extra calories please! I guess I really want to work out hard tomorrow! I have big plans. And I should have put them down last week, and followed them this week. However it is what it is, and it’s this week and I still haven’t done what I was thinking I was gonna do last week. Did that make sense?

Ok here’s my new goal. Start Insanity. There, I said it, and now I’m slightly freaking out. I know if I take it one day at a time I’ll be fine. And tomorrow I have the day off. Plenty of time to run my 4 miles and do day 1. Plus its going to be 93 degrees, so that means lots of pool action!!

Did you like the opening ceremonies? Do you like to go wine tasting? Have you done insanity?



4 thoughts on “Olympics, wine, and work

  1. lazylauramaisey says:

    As a Londoner, I’ve been asking people what they thought and everyone is raving about them! They loved it! Lots of things that took me a minute to get, so I’ve no idea what non-British people thought! I liked the pretty bits, like with the torch and where the ring went up at the beginning in the Industrial Revolution section.

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    I think the opening ceremonies were very… British. It was a nice show, maybe even a carry over from the Queen’s Jubilee? I loved the Bond bit, forging of the rings and the cauldron as it was rising. Oh let not forget Sir Paul (I may be too young but he can still sing and I grew up hearing him cause of my mom). Overall it was nice. Looking forward to 2016 and BRAZIL wonder how much skin will be shown in that opening ceremony? lol

    Wine tastings fun but drinkings more enjoyable ;0) Good Luck with Insanity. Will be watching to see how you like it.

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