8 miles, and my Olympian Boyfriend

All of yesterday I intended to unplug and sit my booty on my couch an veg all. Day. Long. I did, and discovered that I’m not a fan. I don’t like sitting around and doing NOTHING. It actually made me a little blue. So when I headed out for my run this morning I really made it count.


8 full hilly WINDY (on the way back!!) miles before 9 am. Go me! After my LR I made myself my new favorite. Egg Sammie with jack cheese on a bagel thing. Yolks included yo!


Then I rushed out the door to get Carlo’s hairs cut. I got there at 10, and like 20 other people were in front of us. However I was on a mission! So we waited, and waited and waited. And you know after you wait so long you want to just give up? But then you have this feeling of “maybe I’m next?”. Ya that happened like 6 times. I guess you can call ahead, luckily it doesn’t take THAT long to cut “guy hair”. An hour later we were done!


And it turned out so good. Mostly worth the wait. However I HATE to wait, so like 30% worth the wait?

Anyways it’s like pulling teeth to get Carlo not to be a douche to the hair stylist. He really hates getting his hairs cut. So I bribed him with this.


And all went smooth!


I only got the little burger with everything and add A-1, it was sooooooo good. I hate eating like this. It reminds me how good food could be. I know the food I eat can be just as good. But come on! Sometimes a girl just needs a burger.


This picture makes it look ten times bigger!

After lunch I had to run some not-so-fun errands, bank, grocery store, vet, Carlo drop off, and then another vet run. It’s been a busy day, but my chores are done and I can hardly contain myself because tonight is the start of the Olympics!!!!!!!! Oooooohhhhhmmmeeerrrrggggeeerrrddd!! I am fully prepared to make fun of the mascots.


And enjoy lots of commercials with past Olympians in them, like this little charmer.


He’s my Olympian boyfriend. My hubs is fully aware, and laughs. The only problemo with Apolo is that he’s about 2 feet shorter than me. Tear. But he’s into running with me like me, and ran a marathon last year. Woot!

Are you watching the ceremonies tonight? Do you have any crushes on Olympians?



12 thoughts on “8 miles, and my Olympian Boyfriend

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Ok the mascots look a little obscene and a little like pedicure devices too. I have my aunt’s bday party at 7 tonight but hoping they’ll have the ceremonies on if not I’ll go in another room or walk the two blocks home to watch. I’m such a bad niece I know. No crushes in particular as most of the athletes I like are a good ten plus years younger than me. It doesn’t stop me from admiring their well defined swimmer bodies though *sigh*. I’ve always had s thing for swimmers. This is why I know when my lil man is in HS and still swimming I will be carrying a baseball bat telling all those lil girls to stay away from my son. I know what a good looking swimmer boy in a speedo does to a girls eyesight and heart rate ;0)

  2. Jennifer Stuart says:

    Burgers are sooo good for you sometimes. Especially being a woman. Don’t ever feel bad for that. If your body wants it and you eat it, you are probably just saving yourself from eating 1,000’s of calories later on of stuff you don’t want because you put off getting the burger. Mmm 🙂

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I was gonna say, um well I thought there were a lot of parts that fell on deaf American ears. My favorite part was when all the rings came together. Oh and when the queen became a bond girl, that was cool! Slum dog director guy really built it up to be this amazing secret thing. I think it mostly looked like a bad play gone wrong. The last part with the house party was just really weird. I didn’t understand the connection with the Olympics. I fell asleep before McCartney. And hey Jude is one of my favorite songs. So I will definitely have to watch that later 😉 at this point I’m just looking forward to aug 8, for the marathon!

  3. gabby.runs says:

    Sitting around all day only to make it up with a hard run the next day? Perfect plan! Not to mention your yummy looking breakfast. 🙂
    Sounds like a busy day, but coming home to watch the Olympic ceremonies sounds like a good way to top it off! I loooooved the ceremony and an Olympian crush? Galen Rupp … OF COURSE. We’re practically engaged …. if he didn’t have a wife an all already. 😉
    Hope all is well and keep runnin’!

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