Tequila, Socks, and more fishing

Last night we met up with our long lost “dog mom” for dog training.


We have known her for about 8 years, she is basically our mentor for dog shows and dog related events. We consider her more than a friend, but our wonderful dog mom who watches over us and provides us with alcohol every time we see her. Love her!

Yesterday was National Tequila Day. We celebrated with our dog mom by drinking this mix.


I drank 1 1/2 red cups full


I didn’t get a buzz, but I did get a headache this morning. Which reminds me, why I very rarely drink mixes or tequila.

It was a good time at dog training. All of our dogs are old, and retired from weight pull training. So I got to sit by the sidelines and talk to all the ladies about life. We did bring our new pup out, “Freya”, and she won over the crowd. I wish I would have taken more pics of the night, all the dogs pulled really well, and we all had such a great time chit chatting.

We had to be up at 5:30 this morning so we could head to “the spot”


It really was a beautiful morning. Carlo was hung up on talking video games with a fellow gamer.


And hubs was talking to some random fisherman who was showing pics of his recent 60lb salmon catch.


He showed me pictures on his “flip phone”. I was shocked that people even could take pictures on those little phones. Or that they still existed!

I got my “Sock Of The Month” email from pro compression. I was pretty excited when I opened it. It’s a USA sock, special edition. I WANT! As per usual it’s $20 off of $50 and free shipping. Just enter the code “SOM712” at check out. Good until 7/29 or while supplies last.


***I don’t receive any compensation from PRO Compression ***

You’re welcome.

Later today hubs promised me he would go on a bike ride with Carlo and I, so no running for me today.

Do you know anyone with a flip phone?

Do you use compression socks? If yes, do you use them during or after work outs?



3 thoughts on “Tequila, Socks, and more fishing

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    I know a few people who are still grudgingly holding onto their flip phones refusing to come to the dark side of smart phones (as they see them). Yet they have NO problem having me pull out my smartphone to look stuff up in a flash when we need to know things or find things lol.

    I use compression sleeves after my long runs. In the past I had found I didn’t like to feel confined but since increasing my miles and doing Half Marathons I’m finding I need/want those lil hugs of happiness during my runs too. Also finding my feet don’t want to be left out either!

  2. Jennifer Stuart says:

    I know a few people with flip phones..I had to use one for a little while when I left my smart one in a driveway..that was nearly disastrous..and it made me realize how great texting has become in smartphone land. Compression socks I have never heard of, but they seem neat!

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