Sunday Funday

Today was a rest day, so I tagged along with my boys to fish.


Hubs did catch a couple of little guys


He kept saying “at least I’m feeding the fish” since he wasn’t reeling anything in except empty hooks.

Maybe it was because we were there during minor times (according to the all-knowing app that tells hubs when to fish) 8-10:30 am.


I tried to start reading “The Walking Dead”


But I’m just not into comic books.

We came home for lunch, and I scarfed my tuna sammie before I could take a picture. Then we headed out for some awesome pool times.


I also baked some delicious flour-less cookies.


I ate them while I watched BB14


#slopdate was so cute!

I am very much looking forward to my run tomorrow.

Are you watching BB14? Do you rely on your phone apps for everything?



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