4 miles and race day pics

I started my day with a really nice run with Carlo and Brassy.


I was pretty surprised that we did 2 hills and 4 miles, and Carlo did not complain once!

When I got home I made my new favorite breakfast.


Bagel thin, laughing cow spreadable cheese, and fresh sliced strawberries. Ab fab.

While I was looking at my awful race day photos.



I also looked at the Tour De Fit part 2. This could be dangerous since I am totally down to sign up for every race and all I have to do is convince my husband that I’m not completely crazy.


I think he will be down for brewfest, but the others will take some convincing. It’s just too easy to think “only one more race…”

Do you plan ahead for races? Have you ever done a race series?



5 thoughts on “4 miles and race day pics

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    I did a race series last year and didn’t realize it until I was in it. Then once I was in it I found out that in order to complete it I had to do a “trail” run (I’m strictly a road runner hehe) and had to do a half marathon (but we were allowed to walk as I was no where near ready to run a half at that point… I had only been running a month or so and mostly 5Ks).

    Haven’t run any series since but this year has been about just training for my half in November. Maybe next year!

  2. atelliere says:

    Hey! Thanks for visiting me. I love your site name! Good luck on the races, I haven’t done any, but I can imagine the adrenaline and high from racing would be quite addicting!

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