Trails, Coyotes, and Swimming upside down

I was planning on a long run of 8-9 miles today, however these shoes looked sad.


And I knew what I had to do. A few minutes later we were heading to our favorite hiking spot.


We saw a ground squirrel up close. I think she was trying to pose for the pic.


Even Carlo was excited to go hiking.


Going up the hill felt pretty quick. It was a great view.


And as we were heading down the other side of the hill, it happened. I totally saw a coyote!! It was close to us too! I saw him run and kill a squirrel, and take off. This totally freaked me out. Luckily Carlo didn’t see anything. For a moment I figured that the coyote had probably taken off and was gone. Then Carlo said we should turn around. And we totally ran back up the hill and then back down the way we came.

I always hike with my pepper spray in my hand the whole time.


However in that moment I would have felt better about also carrying a knife. It’s definitely going to be happening from now on! Safety first people!

After the long 3 mile 75 minute hike.


We were ready for some pool action!


I swam 30 laps, and spent a good 20 minutes upside down under water. There’s this magical weightlessness calm that comes with being underwater. And being upside down and underwater makes everything seem so serene.

In later news, I will be hanging out with these guys at a dock…


Have you ever had an encounter with a scary animal? What kinds of safety measures do you take when hiking/running/walking outdoors??



4 thoughts on “Trails, Coyotes, and Swimming upside down

  1. John says:

    Just be careful if you ever have to use the pepper spray (and I hope you don’t!) There’s always the chance you might get some as well. Great pictures!

  2. gtarallo says:

    We have coyotes that roam our golf course and never seem to flinch even if they have golf balls flying right by them. We just gently tip-toe past them!!

  3. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    I think running into a badger while hiking with terriers off lead about 10 miles from the trail head which was an hour from town was the most frightening, mostly because I didn’t have a shovel or locator box to retrieve said terriers from the earth. Fortunately, Kendrik decided he was wearing a pack and therefore had no business working a badger. Either that or he was just tired after the first ten miles of the hike. 😉 Stay safe out there!

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