Random Things

First off let’s look at a picture of my boyfriend.


Totally yum.

And I listened to him while running my 4 miles this morning.


I was dragging since Klairesy was pooped after 2 miles. “She’s too fat to run!” says hubs. I guess she needs to get back into shape.

I found this shirt somewhere on carrots n’ cakeblog I came across.


And I will be counting the days until payday so I can buy one!

I also found this helpful tip for ice packs.


And I ate 173 grapes while watching So You Think You Can Dance. Makes me want to play Wii dance party…


And for my first day of my vacay, I have been doing lots of laundry, cleaning, and TV watching. Oh and I picked up this guy, from his camp.


He refused to take a pic while smiling, so I found an old one. Makes me think, that’s who he is all the time. Good times with a tween. Love him all the same.

What are some random things that are going on with you?



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