Race Recap: Davis Moo-nlight Run

This was a unique race in an evening setting. It really called for alternative fueling methods. My plan was to eat a late breakfast around 10, and a small lunch around 2. I was hoping my stomach wouldn’t get upset during the race.

Start time was at 7pm, and I met Jessica at 5pm. Normally I would have been at the race at this time, because I’m a control freak who doesn’t know any better however hubs got sick and couldn’t take me. I’m really glad I got to go with Jessica and her sister. And guess what? We found parking very easily and pretty close to the start/finish line. Crisis averted.

The packet pick up ran smooth, even though it looks crazy.


There were so many people there trying to get in on the fun!


The original plan was to run this race at a 9:30 pace. Every training run we did was around 10:30, but considering the hills, we were confident about that. Well up until last week! On race day it was another story.

We put on our best Pre-Race smiles!


And Jessica forced me to take a random picture of the “hello kitty boys”.


And before we knew it, we were off! I had set my phone in my arm band. I picked it up the day before the race at Marshall’s for $9.99. Makes me never want to shop at Sports Chalet again.


And I also picked up those headphones for 5 bucks! What? Yes! My other ones had pretty much died from overuse. I was really excited to be able to hear my music during this race.

Since my arms were free I decided to bring a water bottle. I had just one full day where I didn’t feel absolutely miserable before the race. I figured i needed to play it safe.

Miles 1-5 blew by pretty quick. We were running steady at 10:30 pace. Slower than we had anticipated, but we were trying to be aware of how we were feeling. Jessica wasn’t feeling 100% because she ate lunch around 3, and ate a spaghetti lunch from Olive Garden. Oy, did that come back to bite her.

Also the race path was park paths and the green belt, which made for a very scenic route. But, only 2-3 person wide. If we had started a bit faster I think it would have made for a faster overall race. We didn’t have the energy to pass up people at times. Which slowed us down.

We took a gel around mile 4.5, it was way muggy-er than we both had anticipated. We were hoping it would even us out. Nope, kinda made it worse. Awesome.

We stayed with the 2:20 pacer until around mile 8 or 9. We were feeling good about that. However I had to refill my water bottle, and it took longer than expected. And I think at one point Jessica stopped to use the bathroom. I think at that point we didn’t give up, but we just decided to stop worrying. Well I did anyways. I think Jessica stopped caring about race time before the race had started.

The one cool thing that we did do was put little lights on our shoes. Once it got dark we turned them on.


At one point a volunteer called us “Team Blinky Feet”. Uuuuhhh YAH WE ARE! The race had plenty of volunteers to help navigate every turn. Davis is such a nice place to run anyways. Super nice spectators all cheering for everyone, love it!

Another cool thing about this race was the glow wand necklace, bracelet, etc pieces they were heading out around mile 7-8. I grabbed 4 and put them around my neck. It was cool to see so many people with them on, and at some parts of the race it was all you saw of them. Definitely wish I would have worn the headlamp I had brought.

Then around mile 9 it happened. My toes started cramping. Like really really bad. So bad, I didn’t think I would finish. Well not running into the finish. I had felt it coming on, but ignored it. Then finally told Jessica, and said that I had to slow down. She was such a trooper. She actually felt better, but stayed with me until the end. Thanks Jessica! I’m not sure I would have ran it in like I did, had you not been there!

I have no final race pics, since my phone had died and my cheering section (hubs) was not there. It truly makes a huge difference for me to have his support right there at the end. He usually takes a picture of me, has my bag and a water bottle ready for me. Since I didn’t have him I had to suffer in my dirty, sweaty, half marathon clothes.

Final time 2:37

Definitely one my worst times, but if nothing else I learned I can still finish no matter what! and that I’m awesome, but I already knew that

Here’s the shirt I got


I had signed up for women’s xxl, since they run small, but it was too big. I switched it up for an XL. Kind of in love with that.

And the finisher’s medals were amazing. They glow in the dark too!


And since I completed the entire series of the Tour De Fit, I got some pretty cool garb.


Kind of makes me want to sign up for the second tour of the year. I’ll keep you posted.

I really had an amazing day! First the Color Run, then this race. It was the first time I had done 2 races in one day, and it was worth it. Next time I want to run in both!


Very well organized event
Plenty of volunteers
Plenty of bathrooms
Lots of free stuff
Great spectators
Scenic route
Nice race shirts
Awesome medals
Extra bling for doing more than 2 events
Flat easy course

Narrow course, but also a pro…heads or tails?
Almost too many racers. I guess I need to get faster, so I can pass up the bulk of the people.

I can’t think of too many cons to this race. a change of pace is a great racing company. They put on several events throughout the year, and do an amazing job. I really love doing their races, since it is so well organized and I always have a great time.



6 thoughts on “Race Recap: Davis Moo-nlight Run

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Keep it up with two races in one day and you can do the Goofy at Disney World. It’s on my bucket list for Jan 2014! Great race recap. I’m considering running this next year with a couple of friends who live near Davis. Maybe I will see you ;0)

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