Coffee, new watch, and magic pills

I felt slightly better this morning. Mainly because I wasn’t up every 20 minutes like the night before last. However the coffee pot is still broken. I headed straight to Peet’s. This is what I ran into when I got there.


This isn’t a great picture depicting a long line, because I was trying to look like I wasn’t taking a picture. In the end I got a bum pic…lesson learned.

I waited all of 7 minutes, and it was worth it!


Next stop was definitely my favorite.


I had to get myself a new watch. My old watch broke on Tuesday. One of the many hazards of working in retail.


The band was made out of rubber silicone material. I should have known better. It was on it’s last leg for the last 2 weeks.

Here is the new watch!


I never thought I would like a rose gold colored watch band. I feel very grown up! And I am completely obsessed! I love this watch so much, enough to wear it every day. Other than just at work. I’m one of those people who HAVE to know what time it is at ALL times. So glad that enormous problem is solved 😉

I also picked up this little ditty.


It was, of course, on sale for $12. I think it’s easier to buy the cd, so both hubs and I can download it to our iPhones. Instead of downloading it twice and paying twice as much. I mainly bought this cd because I fantasize about being adam levine’s girlfriend because I need some new tunes for the upcoming half…you know the one I have planned for tomorrow!

The plan for the rest of the morning: watch this


And let these pills work their magic


What have you been completely obsessed with lately? Do you have any races coming up this weekend?



3 thoughts on “Coffee, new watch, and magic pills

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    No races until November for me (thank goodness considering our triple digit weather this week), but my lil man and his swim team had time trials this weekend. Love the new tunes you got. May have to fight you for Adam ;0) Good luck on your race!

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