Can’t catch a break.

I know I have been MIA for the last couple of days. Basically I must have gotten a dose of food poisoning on Tuesday. I still can’t figure out what I ate that gave me food poisoning. This week at work, is all about “resets” (retail speak for changing location of items and pissing off customers in the process) resets mean there was no way I could “call in”. So lots of trips to the bathroom, and lots of this has been my routine.


And the worst thing of all happened to me this morning. My coffee maker died!!!!!!!!!


I promptly went to Peet’s and picked up my favorite.


They also had iced tumblers on sale 50% off. I got this bad boy for 5 bucks!


Saving the environment, one coffee cup at a time 🙂

I have the “Moonlight Race” in Davis on Saturday. I am hoping this pesky stomach ache will be long gone by then.

Why does it always seem like the week before a race I have nothing but bad luck? Maybe it’s karma so my race will be awesome?! Fingers crossed!

Do you ever have bad luck the week before a race?



2 thoughts on “Can’t catch a break.

  1. terrileeclarke says:

    I have a friend that just got one of those one cup coffee makers and she LOVES IT. And she’s getting all kids of coffee like glazed chocolate donut and coconut mocha. Maybe time to get one of those?

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