This morning I had the best long run I have had since I started training for this “Moonlight Run”. I have trouble with hydration, and (I think) over training. However this had been a very weird week for me. I cracked my tooth, which freaked me out enough to not work out for the last 3 days. I guess it was a needed break. I also made sure to drink extra water yesterday in preparation for my long run. And when I woke up I drank one big glass just to make sure I got enough water. I also run with a hydration pack for the long runs.

The plan: meet Jessica here at 6:15 am.


I also didn’t eat anything before my run, which made me decide to take 2 of these during the run. One at mile 6 and one around 9.5.


I took the second one right before a gigantic hill. I didn’t think it would make THAT big of a difference, but it totally did. Then all of a sudden a really great song came on, and I felt like I was flying. It was such a great feeling! I hope to repeat all of this for the “Moonlight Run” and have a great race.

I totally stopped my Nike+ app half way through, but I was running around 10:41 average pace, and finished 12 miles in 2 hrs and 9 minutes.

Once I left Jessica I headed straight to my favorite place for iced coffee


And proceeded to buy the biggest ice coffee one could buy.


I made myself a delicious bowl of oatmeal once I got home.


I totally rested for about 2 hours and guess what? I’m not that sore! I think I’m on to something here! So after some grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry, I think my house is ready for the BBQ that I was kinda forced into having. Im sure it will be fun, I just hate having to clean my house on a non-cleaning designated day. Ugh.

Did you run today? Are you planning any BBQ’s for this weekend? Do you like going or hosting the BBQ?



5 thoughts on “A-mah-zing

  1. magnuminsp says:

    I smoked eight chickens for 4th of July and am just grilling some burgers and dogs tonight. We grill at least three times a week! As for running, yes, 6 miles this morning! 🙂
    I had been thinking about those gel cubes and have to check if they are gluten free. I don’t have a problem with hydration, but, if I drink too much water, I can feel it sloshing around!

  2. coachdougbowers says:

    Nice time for the run. Hydration is always a tricky thing. How much? When to drink? Gels or water and electrolytes? Seems like you’ve found something that works for you…and the ice coffee at the end was a nice treat. Well done!
    Run on young lady run on.

  3. RunningToTahiti says:

    I love reading about your training experiences because I’m training for a half marathon and run at a similar pace. Nice to have a fellow blogger that’s totally relatable! I can’t do Gu though. Makes me really nauseous. An Olympic trainer told me to try gummy bears instead. Gives the same much needed sugar boost without all of the other stuff that gives me a stomach ache. Totally worked!

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