Happy 4th of July!

My wonderful July 4th started with a run. I had already bargained with the hubs that I wouldn’t bitch nag about anything today. As long as he took care of the pups while I ran. He agreed, score!


I got in 3 solid slow miles. I couldn’t get below 11 min/mile. Hip is still achy, I am debating on running my 6 tomorrow. I was thinking I should/could rest up for my long run on Saturday. Or maybe running the 6 will make me more prepared for my long run on Saturday?? Thoughts?

Now on to the fun stuff.

Every year I make an angel food cake and do the traditional cool whip with strawberries and blue berries thing. 2 years ago I stumbled on a little extra ingredient that puts the standard cake to the next level.


I put a layer of chocolate bars in between the cake and the cool whip. It’s like a surprise crunch! Try it, you won’t be disappointed!

I also made a cucumber salad with tomatoes, lemon juice and cholula! Olé!


Last but but not least, I saw a recipe for potato salad on the Facebook Chobani page. It. Was. To. Die. For. Hubs said it tasted too much like “baked potato”. I told him “it should, it’s called baked potato salad”.


I guess more for me 😉

I do have to work today, so I am totally looking forward to my hot dog after work! What’s 4th of July with out a hot dog??!!

What’s your plans for July 4th?



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