Wine Hunt + Weekly Recap

I hit up the Nike outlet on Saturday and found some really great deals on clothes. I am basically rotating all of my hole-y, unflattering, and just plain bad work out clothes. This last little purchase basically makes me feel ok about donating all the rest of my not-so-great work out clothes.

Here’s my haul.


The capri’s were normally $38, marked down to $19, and then 40% off of that. Final price, less than $12. The tanks were a little longer, not really for work outs, but who doesn’t need extra tanks for summer? They were normally $24, marked down to $17, and then 50% off. Less than $9 each.

With the addition of these 2 pairs, I basically have 5 pairs of capri’s now. I’m thinking one more will be perfect, so I can do laundry once a week.

Hubs and I were on a mission for wine today. We had to pack some rations for the hour long road trip.


Heading to Lodi we passed quite a few of these.


It always reminds me of E.T. ::whistle::

Our first stop was our very favorite winery.


We were there to pick up our wine shipment, and pick up a case of wine to hold us over for the next few weeks months. We were hoping for some rocking wine deals. However they had none. Well unless you count the deal for a delicious red for $72/case. We were sold, until we were told we would also have to pay an additional $40 for shipping. Grr. We ended up just buying a mixed case anyways.

So after our complaining of no good deals, the girl who was helping us dropped a little wine secret. She told us about a winery having a deal for $40/case. We were on it!


It was a winery we had never tried, and we’re honestly pleasantly surprised. Their reds were robust and flavorful. Just like we like it!


We even paid an extra $3 for a taste of this magical wine.


Cost of the bottle is $100/bottle. I would say totally worth it. Hubs wanted to share, and I was like “no way, I want my own taste”.

We were literally starving and wasting away after hitting up all the wineries. We asked for some recommendations on good local food. Which brought us here


Beer was in the title, so hubs was sold. However when looking at the menu there was nothing really interesting on it. And I don’t trust salads from places like cheesecake factory, and other chains like it, so I went with something you can’t screw up. B.L.T


It was not good. The fries were cold, and I sent it back. (We also ordered onion rings that we also sent back, a they were not all the way cooked.) They brought out another plate, and they didn’t even give us a discount. I will be writing a very negative review on yelp later.

After that disappointing lunch that I didn’t get to eat I wanted sugar, STAT!


I totally indulged in one of these bad boys.


Cheesecake caramel apple…Mmmmm

I was a little irritated when hubs decided to get…nothing. Great, now I have to share. Which turned out ok, because have you seen how big one of these guys are??

When we finally got home, hubs put together our new patio table. If you remember I only bought one orange chair, and already had 2 teal chairs. Once it was together the feng shui was totally off. We immediately headed to Target to buy another orange chair. I was stoked to see they had 2 left! Meant to be?


Time to kick back and enjoy the rest of my glass of wine.

Recap 6/24-6/30

Sunday- rest
Tuesday-walk 2
Wednesday-run 6
Thursday- run 3
Friday-hot vinyasa
Saturday-11.15 miles
Total miles- 20

Did you guys go on any adventures this weekend? Any racing?



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