11 windy miles

I met up with Jessica at 6am for our wonderful long run. I was feeling very tired and stressed. I had more than one thought of backing out of the run. I definitely ran a little slower today compared to other days. We finished 11 very windy, hilly, and long miles in 2hrs and 3 minutes. Average pace was just under 11 minutes. My Nike app needs to be on my arm band to get the satellite reception for accuracy. I ended up stopping the app about 30 minutes in, since it was not recording the mileage correctly.

After the wonderful miles I headed to Peet’s for some amazing iced coffee.


It tastes better after my long run.

Once I got home the socks went on.


And I had to clean up the house for some company later. One of the families who is buying a pup will be over. Dishes, puppy pen, vacuum, sweep, mop, febreeze. Done. So tired.

A delicious bowl of oatmeal really hit the spot, after all that cleaning.


A little birdie told me that the Nike outlet has a sale on all clearance items. Extra 40% off! I will be heading there before work for some much needed retail therapy.

Do you have a long run or any racing plans this weekend?



2 thoughts on “11 windy miles

  1. cathyo says:

    I’ve nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I really enjoy reading your blog and always get a little motivated to run after reading your posts. you can find details of the award on my blog (there are duties that come with the nomination!) Cheers!

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    I am still in my starter training do my “long runs” ate still low. Saturday my long run is 4-miles and I need to get it done before I head to Cousin-fest 2012. Have a great 4th and weekend!

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