Catch o’ the day!

Nearly every day hubs has been going down to a local dock to fish. He mainly is teaching Carlo how to fish. However being the fisherman that he is, he definitely didn’t pass up the opportunity to reel in this bad boy!


It’s quite a beaut’ right!? It was 24″ long and weighed over 4 pounds. However hubs tried to be slick and filet it based on a YouTube video…


This was all that remained…sad. Tear.

He said “next time” he will just grill the whole darn fish on the grill. I told him “I’ve been with you for 9 years, and this is the first time I have ever seen you catch anything over 6 inches. I guess I’ll get to see it again in another 9 years”

We ended up having fish tacos.


I had 2 decent sized fish tacos.


And a little meat left over to savor! I racked my brain, and I don’t think I had ever had fish that fresh, ever! There’s just this amazing quality about fresh fish. Completely in love, and cursing YouTube! Damn you YouTube, there are too many “do-it-yourself” videos on there.

I woke up this morning ready for my run.


I got an easy 3 miles in. Once I got home I enjoyed some of my favorite.


While watching these savages eat


And counting how many of them have pooped in the yard. 7 poops mean its time to go in! If it doesn’t happen with in an hour, I get to clean it up later. It’s potty training and avoiding clean up all rolled into one!

What’s the biggest fish you ever caught? Do you have any fish stories? Freshest fish you ever ate



3 thoughts on “Catch o’ the day!

  1. Tiffany @ Cute Dogs and Hugs says:

    My brother and 10 of his friends went deep sea fishing for the day a month or two ago and guess what? NOBODY caught any damn fish! ZERO, ZILCH! They were all also throwing up over the side of the boat because it was choppy out. I know it is mean, but I laughed…

    Yesterday my MapMyFitness log crapped out and didn’t save my bike ride. I was pissed and thought of you having the same problem!

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I would have laughed at them too! And you made me lol about the mapmyrun thing. I’m so not tech-y and it drives me crazy when electronics don’t work properly 😉

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Fishing story…

    My father and his father were avid fishermen. Off the shore and in my dad’s lil boat. I was all of 4 or 5 and a total Tom-boy so needless to say I always went. I could bait my own hook too. Of course being so young I had the attention span of a gnat and would want to go home after no time. So my dad would say, “you have to catch 3 fish and we can go home.”

    “Fine!” I’d stomp off with my green pole (adult size) and backpack/tackle box. I’d bait my own hook, cast off stand at the very edge on the rocks and scream at the top of my lungs “here fishy, fishy, fishy!” two minutes later I’m reeling in my catch. I repeat this two more times come back to my dad and ask, “Can we go now?”

    After I did that once standing up in the boat about giving my poor father and grandfather heart attacks cause I was rocking the boat (but still caught my fish) they asked what I was using for bait and why I yelled. I said, “I scrunched up a worm on the hook real good then stuffed it in a puffy cheeto. After I cast it in I yelled so the fish would wake up. They were sleeping cause the fishermen were so quiet the fish didn’t know they were even out with food.”. My grandfather told that story clear till the day before he passed away in the VA hospital. A nurse even asked when I went to pick up his belongings, “Are you the fishing granddaughter?”. Lol

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