Reasons why I hate Summer

Somewhere towards the top reason: School is not in session

I just didn’t feel like getting up at 6 to get my run in this morning. I decided to wake up at 7, did all my chores (coffee, dogs, pups), then got my shoes on and leashed up Vin and Klaire.

My husband asked me “Is Carlo going with you?” I told him “no, I’m just going to be gone for 30 minutes, he can say here and play his games.” I guess that was the wrong answer. He guilted me into taking Carlo.

Taking Carlo meant my run will now be a walk. His bike tires were flat, so walk it is!


That was the best pic I got of all of us. Since Carlo had the “I-hate-doing-any-sort-of-exercise-and-I’m-going-to-be-as-whiny-and-difficult-as-I-possibly-can-be” face on the whole time. And since he’s almost a teenager, threats don’t work on him. I have to use different tactics. Bribery? Nope, chores? Yes! And forcing him to read? Omg yes! He started walking faster, and keeping up. By the end of the walk we was going faster than the dogs.

We got in a good 42 minute walk.


Which ended up being about 2 miles, even though my Nike+app says different.

If only Carlo attended a year round school, my run would have happened. (or if I would have gotten up earlier)

The rest of my morning was spent here


8 weeks can not come fast enough! The first pup leaves us on Friday! Seriously can’t wait!

What are some reasons you hate Summer?



7 thoughts on “Reasons why I hate Summer

  1. roundtoravishing says:

    I switched most of my walking and running to late night after the kid is in bed. DH doesn’t care if he can still sit on the computer in front of the TV and not be interrupted.
    p.s. Awwww Puppies šŸ™‚

  2. Two Moms says:

    The heat of running durning the day is rough. Since I am not a morning person I end up either on the treadmill or running in the heat of the middle of the day. UGGG.

  3. paralaxvu says:

    When I was skinny (a long, long time ago in another universe…), I loved the heat of the summer. Now, weighing enough for two of me, I dislike the warmth and prefer the coolth of spring and autumn. And, as roundtoravishing says, “Aw, puppies”!

  4. Coach Bill says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog, I can only think of one thing I hate about the summer. Might sound strange, but I love running in the summer, and training in the summer heat is great for a race that is in nice cool weather. But the hard part is not being able to run at race pace, all your pace and speed work runs will suffer. So it is real hard to know your pace at race time. Other then that, I love the summer šŸ˜‰

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