Fun day

The alarm went off at 4:30, I got up, got dressed, and then saw a text from my running buddy. She had texted me after I had fallen asleep (like around midnight) she wasn’t feeling up to the run. I saw the text after I had lathered myself in body glide anti chafing stuff, sunscreen, all dressed, and had ice in my water pack and was pretty much about to head out the door to meet her.

Then I had a thought.

“I don’t feel like doing this”

So I didn’t.

I went back upstairs, took off my running gear, and slipped into bed with my very warm and comfortable husband. I laid there for 20 minutes, and I really couldn’t fall asleep.


Eventually the husband and Carlo woke up, and we rushed out the door for some of their favorite activity.


We had to get there at a certain time for the tide and other stuff. Hence the rush.

They were pretty happy I tagged along.


And once the poles were cast we stared at then for about an hour (thats what happens when people fish, stare at poles in water for hours on end…so boring) and a half before we were done. It wasn’t all boring.

Carlo did catch something…


It wasn’t a keeper, but he was proud of himself.

The whole time I was regretting my decision not to run. I was pretty annoyed with myself.

We headed home and saw a slew (pack, herd? I dunno what you call a bunch of turkeys hanging out together) of turkeys in some random neighbors yard.


They must know that Thanksgiving is month’s away…

Once we got home hubs put us to work, yard work. My least favorite activity. EVER.


I purposely gave the other set of gloves (we only have 2 sets) to Carlo and then directed him to pick up stuff. I’m really good at being bossy.

Hubs worked on the pool.


Oh and we also went to the Home Depot to pick up some replacement blinds. That was fun. Not.

Then after all the fun stuff we did I was totally itching to go for a run. I mean it’s MY day off too! And I want to do something that doesn’t involve tools or boring sports, or manual labor. Ew. I then asked if I could go for a run (I totally could have gone on the run with out asking, but it is our day off together and we haven’t had one in awhile, so I thought it would be nice to ask). Hubs was like, “sure babe, have fun”


As soon as we got home I changed into my running clothes, and I was out the door by 12:10. My Nike running app just had some new updates, and wasn’t telling me about when I hit each mile. I was 5 songs in and I heard nothing from Nike. I decided to ignore it. I mapped out the run, and knew I was going to hit 11 miles.

Nike had something else to say.


I hate your right now, Nike app.

The weather was so perfect for running. It wasn’t overcast, but it was windy, but not too much. I ended up running for 2 hours and 10 minutes. It was a slow long run, but I know I hit 11 miles. I had to. I think I’ll map it out, or drive it tomorrow just to make sure. Besides that I did feel really good until the last 1/2 mile. My thighs were very sore and kinda cramp-y. I did run in a new area where it was 2 full miles of uphill. Ugh. Hardest 2 miles ever. However it was nice to turn around and run back down. It was one of the best feelings, and considering it was the last 2 miles it felt amazing!

So glad I got in my long run on Saturday. (if I had waited until today, it probably wouldn’t have happened since I had to be at work at 5 am. Another Ew)

Do you ever have issues with your running gps apps/devices?



2 thoughts on “Fun day

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    I have the Nike app as well and HATE it! The first of the Two updates dud to me what it did to you. I ran 3 miles and it said I ran .26 miles. I was ticked. The second update I got yesterday jacked up my Facebook cheers and mile notifications. So mile 4 mile run yesterday I was running it alone, no cheers. Good thing for my Garmin!

    My Saturday run was kind of like your. Supposed to be in the am but was later. I blogged about it.

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