Oatmeal or The Donut

I started my morning with a run with Vinny


He’s such a handsome boy πŸ˜‰

We completed 3.25 miles


And this is a weird week, so my recap is going to be today.

Sunday-10.5 miles
Monday-yoga 45 minutes
Tuesday-run 3 miles
Friday-3.25 miles
Total-22.75 miles

My goal was 22-24 miles, woot!

When I got home I did my thing with the pups, and they really don’t like my crocs…


I received a call from the hubs telling me he bought me a donut for breakfast


I decided to make myself my usual oatmeal


It definitely crossed my mind to eat the donut. I mean, it’s my favorite donut, and my wonderful hubs bought it for me. He did this because he loves me, right? Ya probably. However I told him I would eat it later as a snack. I have every intention on “forgetting” it at home. Where I’m sure he will do the honors of eating it.

It’s not like the calorie content is much different, but it wouldn’t really fill me up. I know I will be starving after an hour.

In the end the oatmeal won! And guess what? It was delicious!

Which breakfast would you choose?



5 thoughts on “Oatmeal or The Donut

  1. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    The oatmeal!!! I’d hand the donut to my son who has an amazing matabolism, swam an hour this morning and will swim another hour tonight (both swim practice). He would then tell me how good it was and blow in my face so I can smell it, “See momma it was good.”

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