The last 2 days in pictures

On Sunday I started with a very awesome 10 miler. The views looked like this




Proof I ran OVER 10 miles


After some icing and compression


I went here for a pedicure


Orange toes are the best!


I had ceviche for lunch and it was DELICIOUS!


I also spent some time in the pool with the in laws


I didn’t get to see my dad, but I did send him a card and a text telling him that I loved him. I would have called him, but since he’s deaf he would have spent the entire time saying “excuse me?”


(Patti, dads girlfriend, myself, my dad, and Carlo down front) a funny story I could tell you about my dad is a memory of my mother insisting my dad quiz me on my spelling words. I knew how to sign before I could talk, so a few letters would be cake. Well it would have been easy if I knew the signs for the words that he was signing. He ended up finger spelling all the words, which totally defeats the point of quizzing me. It would be like your mom/dad spelling all the words and then asking you to spell them. I guess it was funnier in my head. It wasn’t easy growing up with a deaf parent, but there were some pretty funny moments.

Anyways, my dad is great at fixing things, and always comes around when I need new brakes on my car. Thanks dad!

Monday included a random photo shoot with some of hubs’ guns.




We had pasta for dinner


I’m looking forward to my 4 miler tomorrow!

Do you think holding a gun in a picture makes you a badass?



8 thoughts on “The last 2 days in pictures

  1. coachdougbowers says:

    Oh hey – did I mention you’re my favorite blogger and the photos are great and I love the pedicure and your family looks nice and the pool is wonderful…just don’t shoot me OK…please – I have a race in 5 days!

  2. Carrie says:

    Congratulations on completing your long run! I ran 10 miles this morning, and it sure does feel great to tackle a double-digit distance. I got a pedicure this weekend, too 🙂

  3. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    Amazing run, amazing toes, amazing pics. Seriously, I absolutely love your pistol packing
    (and then some) mama photos. Fabulous. Kudos on a nice long run! I am so envious. I wimped out of my run entirely in favor of spending the entire day in pool. It was hot. I am a wimp. 😉 Most importantly, please, please, please tell me where the neon green compression socks were located because I need a pair or six for flyball. 😉

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