Weekly Recap 6/10-6/16

I tried to post this yesterday, but my internet is being annoying. And there are no pics because of it.

This past week was an excellent week for me. I got in a work out 6 days, and I weighed myself on Tuesday. I am 2 pounds lighter. Woot! Here’s the numbers;

Sunday- 9 miles

Monday-yoga, swim 50 laps

Tuesday-4 miles,

Wednesday- 6 miles, swim 50 laps

Thursday- swim 45 minutes

Friday- run 2.5 miles

Saturday- rest day

Overall I ran over 21 miles. I haven’t ran over 20 miles in a week since February. I’m feeling very confident in upping my mileage. And also to add in some speed variations to help increase my time. I have a really fun half marathon coming up on July 14. It’s a moonlight race, and it’s in Davis. I’m expecting a flat fast course, and maybe a PR?

Goals for next week?

Run 4 days, hopefully totaling 22-24 miles.

Keep up the low impact cross training 2-3 days with yoga or swimming.

Also quit eating after 6 pm. This is something that has always been a problem.

How was your week?



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