6 miles

The alarm went off at 6:23 am. I honestly would not have gotten up if my alarm was right next to me. However that is not the case. I have to take at least 7 steps to my vanity to debate whether or not to hit “snooze” or just turn off the alarm completely. I had a 6 mile run planned. And I knew it would be awesome. So I pressed “snooze”, walked toward my bed, and then turned around to turn off the alarm. Thank goodness for the annoying dogs who are relentless. I mean, really super duper annoying in the morning. They bark until they go outside.

Dogs pottied, fed, coffee made, check, check, check.

I made it out the door by 6:45. And my 6 miles were torturous. I chose the hilly path. Because its so fun to wake up early and punish yourself by running hills. Here’s my time.


Not bad for awful hills. I had a conversation with my Jessica about how often I ran last week, and to try to incorporate hills into my work outs this week. This came after the awful 9 miles on Sunday. I knew I wasn’t having a great run on Sunday, and I wanted to make some strides this week so my next long run would be better. It’s all about improving!

I had work at 10, and decided to stop here right before


I am trying to spend less until Friday, and I had approximately this much to buy a protein bar for a snack


I ended up buying one of these


Basically it was the only type of protein bars that were less than $1.79.

The stats were decent, however 200 calories is a little steep.


The taste was ok, it just was bland. I got the chocolate peanut butter flavor.


I had it for my snack at 12, and seemed to hold me over until my lunch at 2.

What’s your favorite protein bar? Have you tried any lately that you hate?



3 thoughts on “6 miles

  1. Mind Margins/Run Nature says:

    Why do we punish ourselves with the hill workouts in the mornings? I ran my own hilly path this morning, too. I have to say, other than my long run, it’s the toughest run of the week–and I love it! I dread it, but I always love the way it makes me feel strong and tough (and utterly exhausted when I’m done).

    Just had my first Honey Stinger last week. Loved it! Nice change from gels and Gu.

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    I haven’t tried too many bars but I am all about Clif bars. I eat one of those as a snack and sometimes I end up eating my lunch or dinner a little later. I love the cherry Clif bar.

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