Beat the Heat!

I woke up this morning to silence. Its like I was on vacation. The dogs must have been exhausted after all the pool time yesterday. I rolled out of bed around 6:30. That’s when the barking started. After I fed the pups, took all the dogs out, I leashed up Vin and headed out for a quick 4 miles.


There was a nice breeze and the route was pretty shady the whole time.


Considering the hills, and the stops Vin insisted on taking, the time was decent.


I got home just in time to kiss my husband goodbye. I poured myself some coffee in one of my favorite mugs. I thought it was fitting since I received the mug from Premier last year. Premier is a huge dog event held in Kalamazoo, MI. It’s kind of like AKC’s National Dog Show on Thanksgiving. However way better! They have every dog event imaginable there, and all the top dogs from the nation come out to compete. So this mug is awesome, Brass won this mug by coming in 2nd overall for Top Ten Terrier Racing. Oh yeah and Premier starts next weekend.


I also had a breakfast of champions, oatmeal, almond milk, and banana slices.


After breakfast we spent some puppy time in the yard.


Do you have a favorite mug? What’s the story behind it?



2 thoughts on “Beat the Heat!

  1. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    Looks like you and Vinny both had a great run this morning! Great job! I did have to giggle that the advertisement on the running ap features a big fat burger. Motivation? LOL!

    I don’t have a favorite mug at all. I just grab whatever is available and pour whatever deliciousness I have into it as quickly as possible so that I can begin consumption. 😉

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