Yoga, ice cream, and 50 laps

After yesterday’s 9 mile run, I really wanted to take it easy today. First up, yoga! I opted for this yoga sesh, courtesy of my cable network.


I wanted to make sure I got the pups out before it got too hot.


5 weeks have flown by!

After some lunch and a nap, Carlo brass and I headed out for a short walk.


We headed here


We each got one of these awesome 170 calorie (according to myfitnesspal) treats


After our walk and treat, we were super ready for some pool action. We lathered up with some of this


Then I swam 50 laps (2 lengths of the pool is one lap) here


When was the last time you went swimming? What’s your favorite stroke?

I prefer the back stroke, as long as I don’t break my head



7 thoughts on “Yoga, ice cream, and 50 laps

  1. Liz @ Run Fat Chick Run! says:

    Another fantastic day. The puppies look like little chocolate morsels of fun! So freaking cute! As far as swimming goes, I am a horrible swimmer. I have no favorite stroke because about the only thing I can do is flail around a bit and keep my head above water. A girlfriend of mine is hellbent on teaching me to actually swim like a human being. She has dreams of me doing a triathalon that actually includes swimming as opposed to kayaking or stand up paddle boarding (both of which I really love). I am, however, a swimming failure. 😉

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I was lucky that I got a shot with mom and all 7 pups in the pic. As soon as I put them down, they all go in different directions.

      And as far as swimming goes, I am a HORRIBLE swimmer. It took me nearly an hour to swim 50 laps. I kept asking Carlo, “what was I thinking??” He was great and kept saying, “you can do it!”

      I am pretty sure if you put your mind to the triathlon idea, you could totally do it! I tried the kayak version of a tri with eppie’s in sac. NOT. A. FAN. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much work on race day. Plus I was freaking out that my tires would pop, or I would get a hole in my kayak. I did end up flipped over at one point (kayak not bike)…..good thing I was wearing a life jacket, and there was a “rescue kayaker” guy nearby.

  2. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    As a matter of fact I went swimming this morning. I am incorporating swimming in as my x-training three days a week. My favorite stroke is freestyle with breast stroke a close second. Though today you would have thought I have never done anything remotely cardio involved lol.

    My treat today was three chocolate hostess donettes (because six is 360 calories so I have 3 for tomorrow).

    • drinkrunyoga says:

      I did the breast stroke on every other lap. I would ask my stepson questions, like “If I have to swim 50 laps, and I have already swam 34, how many do I have left to swim?” SO you know I wasn’t working THAT hard. However i was just focused on moving my arms in the water enough to get a decent arm work out 😉

      Nice treat 🙂 I have to admit that anything hostess related is a vice for me. I would have devoured all of them…

  3. coachdougbowers says:

    Is “floundering around” considered a style? Of all the sports I participate in I never became a good swimmer. I envy you…well done.
    Love the puppies…pass on the Mickky D’s though.

    you are a goer that’s for sure – keep it up.


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