Gone fishin’

Today’s plan verged on the level of greatness. It met all of my husband’s, stepson’s, and my own needs. Here’s the plan…

Are you ready to hear this?

I mean, it just may blow your mind!

The Plan:

Head to Rockville, hike 1 mile to the lake, then while hubs and son fish, I run around the lake. Genius!


They were ready to catch something!

Once we got to the top, I started running.


It really was a beautiful morning. Thank goodness it was a little windy.

The boys got right to fishing


I looped around the lake a few times. I was about a mile in when I remembered that Hubs told me that he only wanted to fish for 15-20 minutes. He was worried it would get too hot. I was worried I couldn’t get a real work out in, in 20 minutes. However 31 minutes later hubs ALMOST caught a fish. He waved me by when I passed after my 4th loop. (each loop was 1/2 mile). Then by the 3rd mile we was ready to call it quits. I felt like I worked hard, and hubs felt that way too. I mean standing on a bank of a lake, and trying to “lure” a fish to you takes skill. I guess.

Somewhere in there I almost was killed by this guy.


He came at me from nowhere and put on the full attack. I tried to shake him off, but he wouldn’t have it. I eventually slid him off on some dead grass.

Last but not least, a huge thank you goes to that fish. The one that hubs “supposedly” ALMOST caught. Now that this has happened, he wants to try again. And he said he didn’t even mind that I was running around the lake. He also said that “it was like setting a dog loose to run the lake”. Way to go babe, compare me to a dog. If you lived in my world, you would think it was kind of endearing.

One last shot of us heading back down.


In the end I almost got 5 miles in.


After all that fun, we headed to see this movie


When I paid for the tickets I used my “club card” for the theater. And I guess I earned enough points for some free popcorn!


I was super excited, and the popcorn tasted even better than normal popcorn. You know, because it was free!

Do you like to fish?



5 thoughts on “Gone fishin’

  1. magnuminsp says:

    Looks like your run was more successful than the fishing expedition! 🙂
    Fishing is an art form…just like golf. There are many nuances that the casual observer would not be able to spot. In some instances, fishing may take days in order to get the proper result. Like running, it is a battle of attrition!

    Looks like the family had a fun day!

  2. Two Moms says:

    Great job. Love the comment about setting a dog loose. That is great! 🙂 I dont mind fishing but I am not touching the bait or the fish. LOL So unless I have someone willing to do that for me I would rather run around the lake with you.

  3. tiffanybluegirl23 says:

    Way to go getting your run and a long one at that. I used to take my ex- boyfriend’s dog jogging with me in CO and the boyfriend said it was great cause the two most hyper of the house got out together. Like to you it was endearing.

    Was Snow White and The Huntsman good?

  4. runslikeapenguin says:

    I wish it were that sunny here. It’s been torrential rain every day for ever! Can someone invent running wellies?!

    Looks like a great trip out. Running outdoors and having an adventure is the best run, even if you do have to fend off the insects!

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