Monday + Tuesday

That’s the best title I could come up with.

I’m lame.

Monday was a really good day. I got in some quality time with this guy


And some of these guys…


Well you know their long distance, much smaller cousins, 12 and 15.

We focused on our bi’s and tri’s, and then hit the spin class. I like the combo. However the first time I tried spin, my knee bothered me during and after class. I thought I pushed too hard. This time I eased up, and got the same results. I must be doing something wrong. It sucks, I really like the class.

I’ve been doing really well with myfitnesspal, look me up Tiffersknees. I think it helps to track to be accountable.

Tuesday included getting a fresh new look for these bad boys.


And that’s about it.

Thoughts on spinning??



3 thoughts on “Monday + Tuesday

  1. coachdougbowers says:

    Lame as it may sound I kinda liked the way that blog played out. Nice nails…nice chunk of meat out of the finger also!
    Spinning – I’ve had good and bad classes. It seems to depend on the instructor and very much on the mood you’re in. Nothing like riding in the dirt and mud though..but maybe that’s just me.


  2. Big Mike's World says:

    Without sounding like a know-it-all in cycling (which I’m not but I used to race), your knee pain is probably from how you are pedaling. Try your foot at different angles as you push forward (not down) at the top on the pedal stroke. And (this is a big AND) to get the most out of your cycling experience you should focus on the pedal stroke at the bottom as well and act as if you are scraping gum off your shoe. This way you will get the most of out the strength of your leg muscles and not just your calves. If this doesn’t make sense I will try and come up with a different way to describe it.

    I hope this helps cause spinning is an awesome way to get in some great cardio!

  3. elisariva says:

    Love the nails! Spinning – did the instructor show you how to set the seat height? A rule of thumb is to stand next to the bike and lift your leg so it is at a right angle. The seat should be at the height of your thigh when it is parallel to the ground. Hope it helps! Also – with your running, make sure to stretch your IT band. It is a stinker when it is tight and causes knee pain.

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