Let’s see if this works

Yesterday and this morning my Internet was completely not working. I of course did the thing where I turn off the computer, and turned it back on. I also did the girl thing, and whined on the phone to my husband about it who said ” I’ll look at it when I get home ”


Nothing has since changed, except I’m blogging on my phone (which I’m no stranger to) in front of my work, while on my lunch.

Let’s back it up a bit, shall we?

Friday started too darn early, like 5:20 was when my alarm went off. Luckily I didn’t make any lunches or anything or I would have been later than 6:10 (meet time was 6, sorry again Jessica!) we busted out this many…


We hit the gym and the weights, well mostly lifted them (since weights mostly hurt your knuckles when they are hit). We focused on shoulders and chest.

(I’m totally feeling it today!)

After the run, and gym, I headed here…


To get my new vice


(ignore the nail polish chippage, it’s tragic I know)

Iced coffee, I love that Peet’s has simple syrup on the bar where there’s all the sugar and creams. That way I don’t have to specify, “one pump only please”. I can just pour as much little syrup as I want in my iced coffee

After work hubs and I went for date night. We went to a little mexican restaurant called “Favela’s”. It’s literally across the street from our house, so we can both drink and not worry. Woot!

They had a great mariachi band there


We realized how loud they were after we walked out of the restaurant and both of our ears were ringing.

And of course we had to get some delicious guac!


We walked home and watched one of my all-time favorites


I watch Forrest Gump at least once a year. Love Tom Hanks

So tell me guys, what’s one of your all-time favorite movies??



4 thoughts on “Let’s see if this works

  1. Nadine says:

    I love iced coffee! And gump. My friend calls my husband forest because he can go months without running and then run20k in old crappy sneakers. He’s an enigma.

    Favorite movies are so hard, and totally mood dependent, love Casablanca, the godfather,all chick flicks with Hugh grant, Pixar cartoons,star wars, star trek, but choosing just one, ain’t gonna happen!

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