Hot run

Jessica and I met at the lagoon for a run at 8am. I was totally regretting the decision to meet up that late right after I had texted her. However I knew that I had to take Carlo to school, and couldn’t drop him off before 7:45. The time is 8. And it was hot! So hot we went for the route with the most shade. It’s not as pretty as running by the lagoon. However it’s way more comfortable.

We ended up doing 4 miles


Average pace of 10:30, which isn’t bad considering the hills and the heat. Jessica brought up the fact that it helps us get used to running in the heat. Plus we have an evening run coming up in July, no telling how hot it will be then.

After I got home, I made my favorite post run drink.


Mmmmm. Iced coffee.

Now I’m about to get all settled in watching a lot of trash tv. Including this gem


Don’t judge.

Besides looking for shade and carrying water, do you have any tips to help you get through uncomfortable hot runs?



6 thoughts on “Hot run

  1. siany1 says:

    I did a run last Sunday and it was unbearable – 6.5 miles (mostly up hill) and through the forest. It was ridiculously hot and humid and I was awful at it. I just can’t run in the heat at all!

  2. Debby Carroll says:

    My only advice for uncomfortable runs is this — cut them short if they’re really scary bad! If not, I try to refocus on my music and not think about how crappy this feels. You are making amazing progress, though. You could just be motivated to power through by thinking about how far you’ve come!

  3. theaccidentalathlete says:

    When it’s hot and humid I try to do trail runs because there’s generally a lot of shade, and since I’m trail running, I’m forced to go slower than usual which keeps me from working too hard and getting too hot.

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