Weird schedule

I finished my weird shift of 5-1:45, came home and immediately took a nap. It really helped show me how much I love my normal shifts even more. After the nap I found myself with one of these in front of me.


And one of these


It was memorial day, so I have to appreciate our service men and women by drinking beer and eating a bbq’d burger.

I had no time to run, between the work, the nap, the burger, and the appreciating of the service people. Thank goodness it’s light out until almost 9pm. I got dressed and headed out for an easy run with Klaire.


We covered over 3 miles. However since I don’t normally run after dinner, I ended up having horrible cramps. Live and learn.

Here’s a tip for cramps:

While you’re running, take a deep breath and expand your belly. Then blow out all of the air and push your belly in as much as you can. It creates an internal massage and it seemed to help.

The pups are over 3 weeks, time for gruel!


Love them!

Do you ever get cramps while you run? Do you have any tips?



5 thoughts on “Weird schedule

  1. Two Moms says:

    I have only had a cramp while running once. It was so painful I needed to stop and take a walk break. I think mine was due to my breathing being to fast and heavy. Once I took a couple deep breathes I was able to get control of my breathing and it helped me finish my run. I never run at night so I dont know how I would do with that. I always run in the morning on an empty stomach.

  2. Stephanie at Visible and Real says:

    I know I’ve heard the suggestion similar to what you gave: slow your pace, breathe deeply, and massage the area that’s painful, if it’s abdominal. My parnter gets leg cramps at times; we’ve learned it was a dehydration issue, so making sure you have plenty of water is another potential help. Another that we got from the running store is coconut water, as it has lots of potassium. That’s supposed to help with cramping, too.

    Good luck!

    (And what super cute puppy face!)

  3. paralaxvu says:

    The only thing I know about running I’ve learned from still trying to get the walking down so I can breathe and talk at the same time! Love the puppy pic.

  4. cutedogsandhugs says:

    I get side stitches quite often, and it is annoying each and every time. I have to slow down my pace and do deep belly breathing. Once in awhile I have to actually stop and walk if it gets that bad. I find it happens if I drink a little too much water before a run or if I don’t focus on my breathing rhythm.

    Puppies!!! So cute. My hubs always says you can tell how much someone enjoys their food by the mess they make, so I guess that pup really enjoyed his food! Hehe

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