Hiking with out cows

Imagine my surprise when my very wonderful husband (the one who refuses to exercise) asks if I wanted to go on a hike with him this morning. I was in disbelief. I asked him, “really?”

He walked away and got his back pack ready. He was for reals!

We got to Rockville around 8ish, and the first thing I noticed was this sign


I’m sure Vin will protect us from any “predator”


We hiked all the way to the lake, and there were no cows! How can this be?


We did a down and back, however hubs kinda got confused on the way back down. I told him to go to the right when we came to a fork. He thought I was trying to make the hike longer. I told him that the trail loops around and that we came up the hill the exact same way. He decided I was a liar and went the opposite way. Guess who finished first? He ended up doing a loop and back tracking. Haha. That’s what he gets for not listening to me.


And here was our climbs.


Have you ever gotten lost on a hike? Did you have to back track?



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