Sunday = Runday!

A day late! Doh! There is a reason behind writing this entry today. It basically boils down to heading to this place


Drinking one too many of these (a total of 2, but the alcohol content was off the charts!)


“Gnarley Wine”. A must try when heading to Lagunitas Brewery!

And after that madness I drank a ton of water (to avoid any sort of hangover), and went to bed early since I had to be at work at 5 am. Not wake up at 5, be up, dressed, and ready for work, and clocked in at 5am. So fun.

Before all that beer drinking happened, I ran close to 8 miles that morning.


Even with the 2 beers I was well below my calorie limits for the day. I’m really enjoying My Fitness Pal. I feel like I am getting back into a better routine. I plan to weigh myself tomorrow to see how the progress is going.

Besides MFP and tracking I totally failed at the drinking less. I had 2 solid days where I didn’t drink anything. Maybe I can work myself up to 3 this week?

My work outs for the week included

Monday- arms and spin


Wednesday-legs and run 3 tempo

Thursday-run 4 easy

Friday-rest day

Saturday-horseback riding 90min

Sunday- run 8 easy

Total miles: 15

Not too bad. I’m pretty happy with my work outs. This week is already screwed up since I couldn’t work out this morning due to an early wake up call. Awesome.

Goals for the week:

drink less! (I sound like such an alcoholic!)

Tomorrow I plan to dive right in! Run and yoga!

How’s your memorial day going?



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