Birthday surprises!

I figured since we were going to be horseback riding, I didn’t have to wake up super early to get a work out in. We met all the girls for the horseback riding adventure at 9:00 am here at Chalk Hill Winery in Healdsburg.


We met our guide and headed straight for the stables.


My horse’s name was Tiny.


She was super sweet, and listened to me the whole time.

Carlo was pretty unsure of himself, but once he got on the horse, he had a really great time.


And here’s the birthday girl, Liz!


We also rode with a few others, my husband’s aunt Cindy, and a few of Liz’s friends.



I wish I had more pictures of the actual “ride”. Unfortunately there was an incident involving a dog off leash. As you can guess, the dog charged for all of our horses. Thank goodness the main guide held Carlo’s horse. However the dog would not leave Liz’s horse alone. After some zigging and zagging the horse eventually was backed into a ditch which was just uneven enough for him to buck off the rider. The rider was Liz! It was one of the scariest things I have ever witnessed! I am not religious, but seriously I thank God that nothing major happened. I know Liz will be sore today, but she’s lucky she was able to walk and didn’t break anything.

When hubs found out what happened he made an inappropriate joke about Christopher Reeve. Thanks babe.

Once Liz got some wine in her hand she felt better. Thank goodness it happened at a winery πŸ˜‰


We went here for lunch


It was an adorable little deli and corner store. We had quite a crowd.


My lunch was super simple. Turkey sandwich, mustard only and extra veggies.


Delish! And believe me, there were lots of other very un-healthy (tastier sounding) options to choose from.

We were off to another winery after lunch.


It was a pretty snazzy place. Hubs like to pose like he’s “cool”.


And for some reason I took about a dozen pictures of this guy pouring wine…


This winery was known for their sparkling wines and pinot’s. I wish I would have picked up a bottle or two of the sparkling wine.

We then were headed to pick up my husband’s dad and our nephew for dinner.


We definitely hesitated heading out, since there were so many more wineries we could be visiting.


However this guy needed to be picked up, and we were on a schedule!


We had dinner at Caesar’s in San Francisco.


It was one of those old school Italian restaurants where you had a 7 course option to all the entrees. I chose to just get a salad and ravioli’s.


It left a lot to be desired, so I just held out for the birthday pie πŸ˜‰


Happy Birthday Liz! I hope you’re feeling better today!

Have you ever gone horse back riding?



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